Created To Kill - Death's Construction

It's been quite some time since last hearing anything from death metallers Created To Kill. These Kentucky metalheads got their start in 2004 which lead them to write and release demos, EPs and their first release "Worship Or Die" in 2008 then after a while nothing happened. Now that some time has passed on they went back to write and record all over again with the follow-up "Death's Construction".

"Murdered and Mutilated" was the first song offered off the release it's intensity alone is built solidly on vocals and fast guitar riffs with passionate rhythms happening left and right. "Corpse Collector", "Suffocated In A Bodybag", and "The Reaper Always Wins" are other worthy songs available on the release that again maintain that passionate yet intense reality of vocals and instrumental ability.

This time around Created To Kill has clearly outdone themselves and it indeed shows having them go beyond what was previously done.

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