Wise Girl's Abby Weitz Crafts Creative Tunes!

Wise Girl is a melodic power pop/ rock outfit crafted and fronted by songwriter, Abby Weitz, hailing from the heart of Manhattan, New York. Since the band's formation they have trekked across numerous showcases as well as write and record new material! Abbey Weitz frontwomen  discusses this EP and the plans for Wise Girl's future.

1.Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Abby: After my old punk band, The Lookaways fell apart, I took a couple of years off from playing music and wrote songs like a madwoman. Eventually, I had all this material and knew it was time to start a new project, which I ended up calling "Wise Girl", embracing the concept of smart, powerful women. We started out as a 3 piece with a completely different lineup and it sounded sloppy and like pieces were missing. I ended up recording Wise Girl's first EP with Chris Fasulo who I convinced to join the band after a ton of persistence. I'm actually pretty sure he just eventually gave in to joining because I was so annoying about it. Chris is now my partner in crime. We got a new lineup and have been killin' it ever since! We are currently finishing up our first full length to be titled You'll Just Have to Wait, which we plan on releasing later in 2013.

2. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Abby: Most of the songs are about real life experiences such as relationships, friendships, hardships, things that usually trigger emotions.

3. How have the gigs you guys been doing over the years been?

Abby: The shows we play are always fun, we have great supportive friends, family and fans in NYC and have gotten to play with some really awesome bands.  There is always some fun "Abby bashing on Chris" banter as well.

4. What equipment do you guys use?

Abby: I play a telecaster and have a distortion pedal, Chris is obsessed with Les Paul's, he has like 50! Seriously it's borderline disturbing! He also has a whole board of pedals that I will never understand. Unfortunately my short attention span makes it hard for me to focus on any gear besides guitars and my one pedal...Or maybe that's narcissism?

5. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Abby: Weezer, Letters to Cleo, the Muffs, The Ramones among others!

6. Do you remember your first show for Wise Girl and what was it like?

Abby: Oh god, our first show was an absolute nightmare! It was at this venue called "Fat Baby" in the lower east side and the booker had put a new guy on sound that night and we were just feeding back the whole time. I could have handled it a lot better but instead, I was flipping out at the sound guy on stage and lost my shit.  We had sooooo many people there to see us and I get upset when people pay to see a show and the sound is just terrible. It was just bad, period.

7.What made you guys decide to form a band?

Abby: I missed playing out and needed to get those songs out of my apartment.

8.What is your opinion on sites posting your guys material and other bands material?

Abby: We appreciate any sort of acknowledgment and positive reinforcements! Post away!

9. What song do you enjoy playing the most?

Abby: I am really obsessed with the song that we decided to use for the new album title, You'll Just Have to Wait.

10. When not doing things with the band, what can you guys be seen doing?

Abby: You can see me riding my bike around Manhattan, all the time. You'll catch Chris driving in his car in Long Island (that's all they do over there). Harry gigging on drums all around Brooklyn in his pimp jacket. Sean at work with his farting dog at an office in New Jersey. Abby Lee doing various musical theater things.

11.Your biggest band moment?

Abby: Probably being featured on Kate Spade's website, such an amazing designer and so much respect!

12. What is your opinion on the current state of rock?

Abby: That's a tough one. I feel like there aren't enough mainstream power pop bands these days. It was a big thing in the 90's and sort of died out BUT, we're bringing it back! Wise Girl style!

13. How did you guys come up with your band name?

Abby: I was brainstorming with a friend and thought of The Strokes management company "Wiz Kid" which I thought was such a cool name and I guess it's a girl's spin off of that.

14. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Abby: Besides taking over the world? The next step is releasing this album and doing everything possible to make sure the world hears it.

15. Can you tell me about your self-titled EP, why self-title it?

Abby: The EP is 3 songs and was a great first recording experience, sound and everything. I made it self titled because it was a first release, plain and simple.

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