Sevendust - Black Out The Sun

Sevendust have returned with an all new album, "Black Out the Sun," and this just so happens to be the band’s ninth studio disc to date, and it does not disappoint. This follow-up to 2010′s "Cold Day Memory", features these guys at the top of their game.

With that said, this album from front to back brings back earlier works from back in the day,  Animosity, Alpha, and their self-titled album. Songs like "Till Death" "Faithless",  "Mountain", "Cold as a War", and "Nobody Wants It" are just s summary of how strong this material can possible be and the fans have come to know and love since the very beginning. Guitar riffs that blast one track after the next, guttural vocals, melody aggressive balances makes it all come together. Throughout this album is nothing but solid heavy metal material that doesn't let down.

Sevendust's long awaited return has arrived and it shows no mercy what so ever.

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