Operation Downfall's Chris Collins Talks Previous Work and Future Advancements

California locals Operation Downfall tried their hardest to make a mark upon the music scene doing little to no success really they went on to still play showcases as well as write and record music, releasing a debut full-length called "Virulent". But as the years passed onward so did the band, misfortunes occurred causing the band to disband a short time later. Everything was trying to be put back together but nothing seemed to fit and while the band still gets back together from time to time to practice or jam out together there is no likely a return will commence. Not right now anyway. Former drummer Chris Collins discusses the band's start to finish details.

1. Please tell us about the history of the band and its members.

Chris: Band formed in early 2000's with various members, but got its solid lineup in 2005 when I (Chris) joined as the drummer (found the band's AD on Myspace, remember Myspace  haha). Mike Fountain and Robert Sherman are cousins, and knew Dom Hovsepian from high school.  Eric joined later after Dom left for Med School.

2. Where was the band from?

Chris: North Hills, California (The Valley!)

3. How did you come together?

Chris: Band found common interests in bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne and Metallica. Later bands like Lamb Of God were also very inspirational and bonding elements.

4. What ís the origin of the band's name?

Chris: I was told 'it sounds cool' haha! That's all I know really.  Same goes with our logo, it just 'looked cool.'

5. The only release you did was your debut full-length "Virulent" as well as a new demo song called "Diametric", was there anymore material in the works?

Chris: Ah a discography? Well we actually tracked 5 other songs besides Diametric on our way to our 2nd full length. Some tracks we played at that 118 West show like 'Myth Of Progress' 'I, Machine' and some others I can't remember off the top of my head. I have them on a hard drive somewhere.  Before Virulent came out we actually tracked a 12 song demo, some of which ended up on Virulent, and maybe 4 or 5 other songs that didn't make the album.  Those are on that same hard drive…where IS that thing…?

6. When did the band officially decide to call it quits? Why did the band decide this?

Chris: The band split up in 2009 I think? Our bassist Eric decided to leave. He felt the band wasn't making enough progress and decided to pursue other projects.  We had spent a full year finding a replacement bassist when Dom originally left and we weren't interested in doing another search. So we decided to part ways and dissolve the band. It was a sad day, but we had put in a lot of work with no huge payoff in the grand scheme of things so it made sense.  We all were proud of our personal accomplishments, but in the 'scene' we just never made an impact.  We had an inside joke that went like, 'well, I regret to inform you...' and then any funny news came after. Well that day it wasn't so funny.

7. What are all of the members currently up to & what other projects have been occupying their time since the band's departure?

Chris: Eric (bass) ultimately ended up in an amazing pirate metal band called The Dread Crew Of Oddwood.  www.thedreadcrewofoddwood.com/  I saw them a couple weeks ago play the Key Club (RIP) and he's on tour right now actually heading up the West Coast to Washington. Dom (original bassist) moved to NY and is in Medical School studying cardiovascular medicine I think. Smart smart guy. Amazing.

Mike (vox/guitar) has since moved onto become a personal trainer and basically felt that Operation Downfall  was his one shot at music. He put his heart and soul into the band and didn't feel like pursuing music again so far.

Robert (guitar) continues to play but hasn't joined another band as of yet. He's jammed with a  few metal bands but nothing has stuck. He works as an apt manager in Los Angeles.

Chris (drummer) has played in multiple non-metal bands since Operation Downfall (Glass Battles, Venice Joyride, Radiolites) but is currently in a band called What Say You www.whatsayyouband.com  a pop punk/hardcore band based in North Hollywood. They're about to release their debut EP 'Potentials.'

8. Do you think Operation Downfall will ever return?

Chris: Highly doubtful.

9. If Operation Downfall could come back again even for a reunion get together showcase would you consider it or even thought about it?

Chris: Mike, Robert and I (Chris) got together a few different times to jam on the good ol' tunes and have fun, but it never got serious. I would definitely play a reunion show if anyone cared to watch, but seeing as when we split up it wasn't really 'going anywhere' that seems highly doubtful.  #Depressing

10. Your new project is What Say You, IF Operation Downfall came back for whatever reason would you bring the two acts together for a showcase?

Chris: Absolutely. What Say You has some pretty metal music going on, but the overall vibe is pretty different than OpD. Although if What Say You stuck to all their metal tracks and some covers, it could probably happen. And I'd definitely be down to drum through 2 sets, I keep up on my chops!

11. What was the best and worst shows they've ever played?

Chris: Best show was probably our battle of the bands final show at Weber's in Reseda. We had a ton of friends there, and won $1,000.  We also played an amazing set at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, packed and really active crowd. It was a festival of some kind, can't remember the name of it…There's a video up on YouTube somewhere. I should update the Operation Downfall YouTube site for all the fans.  Our worst show ever ever ever was in Riverside at a biker bar I can't remember the name of. There was Carly (merch) and the bartenders in attendance. Empty floor. It was a long drive home that night…

12. What was your favorite song to perform live?

Chris: Robert Paulsen was always a favorite. It had some good inside jokes in the song, as well as an epic opening quote from Mike.  Had some fast parts in there to get the crowd moving. I also loved playing I, Machine (one of our newer unreleased tracks).

13. Can people still find any of Operation Downfall's material or buy their stuff, if so where?

Chris: The only way to find our stuff is to hear it on MTV sometimes (actually going to be featured on an episode of Comedy Central's "Loiter Squad" where Odd Future does a remix of Bred for Control. That should be out pretty soon actually!)  Other than that you can find a few videos on the YouTube page
http://www.youtube.com/opdownfall as well as some other videos on my personal http://www.youtube.com/xchriscollinsx just do a search. I'm assuming there may still be a myspace.com/operationdownfall as well.  As for merch, we still have some CD's, stickers, and shirts laying around, but you'd have to just email me xchriscollinsx (at) yahoo.com for that and I'll set you up.

14. Anything else you want to add for your fans?

Chris: We really appreciated every single person who ever expressed any interest in our music. We loved doing what we did, and learned a ton along the way. We got to hang out with some really great people, and play with some really great bands and make a lot of friends.  It was extremely sad for us when we split up, but we felt it was the right move.  Thanks for your support. Remember, The Infection has begun…Thanks Natalie

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