Deus Otiosus - Godless

Whether or not you'd be a fan of it, old school death metal has been around for quite some time and has seen better days. Deicide, Morbid Angel, Necrophobic, and even Pestilence has been at it for a while and now that new comers are strutting it like Deus Otiosus, there is no telling as to if these new comers will make it or beat it in this particular genre.

"Godless" follows-up to their debut full-length "Murderer" released in 2010, this time around "Godless" see's much less material than what was given on their debut. The instrumentals and vocal chords are present giving it all it's worth with songs like "In Harm's Way", "Surrounded by the Dead", and "Death Dance", but the remainder of the record doesn't quite do a good job. The vocal chords could be done better, while the instruments are strung along rather slowly keeping the music in what seems like a repeating motion.

Don't get me wrong Deus Otiosus has got it going for how they approach old school death metal but it could be done a tad better than what is heard here.

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