For anyone that has just the slightest interest in nineties hardcore but even more so, the interest in the life of inspiring persons, this is a very, very recommended read. - Johan Prenger, Reflections Records

The personal has always been the political for writer Vique Martin. Her candid and personal writings, which are deeply rooted in the 1990s punk and hardcore scenes, have challenged everything from music and sex to relationships and gender roles. Martin's new book, released by Vitriol Records, reminds readers of all backgrounds just how relevant and important these challenges remain and how significant and enduring music from that time is.

Simba is a comprehensive collection of both Martin?s incredibly personal and politically charged writings which appeared in magazines like HeartAttack, Fracture, and Clamor, along with articles and interviews with bands and scene-makers published in her own zine, "Simba". What started as a traditional zine in 1992, "Simba" morphed into one of the most popular, well-respected and influential zines of the nineties, crossing the boundaries between the emo/punk/hardcore and riot grrl scenes.

"I want to challenge the relationships that we have always. I want to questions the dynamics that we blindly accept and allow to shape and control us? it's always about challenging the norm, what we are taught, what we never question," writes Martin. "It's about trying to find the real answers, through all this crazy soul searching and loving and everything."

Interviews featured in the book include Texas is the Reason, Split Lip, Chamberlain, Dave Mandel of Indecision Records, Jordan Cooper of Revelation Records, Jeff Unger (Greyhouse), Jon Hiltz (Born Against/Greyhouse), Kim Kinakin (Sparkmarker), Leslie Kahan/Lisa Ogelsby (HeartAttack Fanzine) and Kim Nolan (Bark and Grass Cookbook).

Book Information:

Title: Simba: A Collection of Personal and Political Writings from the Nineties Hardcore Scene
Author: Vique Martin
Publication Date: September 24, 2012

Pages: 266 pages
ISBN: 9780615686868

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About the Author:

Vique Martin is a British zine writer largely known for her Simba Zine and HeartAttack columns throughout the nineties and early 2000?s. She is originally from Brighton, England, but moved to Long Beach, California, to work at Revelation Records/Rev Distribution in 1998. She also owns Simba Records.

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