WATAIN: Swedish Black Metal Collective Unveil New DVD Trailer

Swedish black metal collective WATAIN today offer up the second in a series of trailers from their upcoming Opus Diaboli anniversary DVD. The production commemorates the band’s 13 years of chaos by providing a visual and audio documentation of their ceremonial anniversary concert performance in Stockholm and the long years of physical, intellectual and spiritual work leading up to it. Opus Diaboli is an epic 90-minute journey into the forbidden realms of wild-hearted Satanic metal and the manifestation of a unique band that has truly chosen a path few have ever dared to tread upon. In addition, Opus Diaboli marks the the first release on WATAIN’s own label His Master’s Noise, a name originating from Bathory who had it in mind for their own label back in the early 1980s. Opus Diaboli will be unleashed in North America on June 5, 2012. Check out the latest two-plus minute trailer, hosted exclusively by Decibel Magazine, as well as some words from vocalist Erik Danielsson about the production, HERE.

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