Follow You Home - Save Yourself

When it comes to the U.K.'s music scene a variety is pushed forth just like any other terrain in our forsaken world but in this case it just happen to be some up-and-comers known as Follow You Home. These guys released their debut EP "Save Yourself" late last year with that brought forth a response of grungy rock n' roll that builds upon itself.

The title track, “Playing With Fire”, and “Once Upon A Lie”, would all become the one hit wonders this band would be known for. Like the title track for one is built with melodies verses and chorus structure that has a contrast of guitar riffs and screaming vocals that really interact with the music. Whereas "Playing With Fire" has its dose of drum beats with heavier guitar chords and riffs that gives it a more edger presents. Leaving "Once Upon A Lie", to expose a whole another approach taking a little bit of reggae beats with guitar solo melody that rounds this off to being creative yet unique.

Follow You Home has a creative approach and there is no telling as to where it will end up next.

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