Demon Hunter True Defiance Discussion and Summer Time Plans

Demon Hunter an act that's been going at it for 10 long years having released 6 albums, 1 live album and a documentary film there is nothing these guys cannot do. The band caught up with me to discuss the band's history, album details and summer time plans just around the bin.

1. For those who may not know who Demon Hunter is can you give us a brief summary?

Demon Hunter is a metal band, rooted in melody, aggression and groove. Our members are spread across the USA. We've been active for 10 years; have released 6 studio albums, 1 live record, and a documentary film.

2. Tell me about the logo for Demon Hunter what does it represent for you and the band?

The logo is a literal interpretation of the band name- a demon skull with a bullet hole in its forehead. This logo represents what the band stands for- the destruction of evil and sin, both in the self, and the world as a whole.

3. How has the band’s sound evolved from The World Is a Thorn to True Defiance?

The band's progression over the past few years has been moving further into metal territory, and further away from our roots in hardcore. That's the easiest way to put it- less breakdowns, more melody, faster, more technical. This description will make sense to those who understand the nuances of these genres. 

4. Was your songwriting and recording process any different than usual for this CD?

We wrote and recorded this album in a very similar fashion to all of our previous records. I have a tradition and formula that works best for me, in terms of writing, so I don't usually stray from that.

5. What inspired the album title? Is it a concept album?

If metal is inherently defiant, yet all that defiance is pointed in the same direction, then it stops being the exception, and starts being the rule. As a band with a Christian world-view, our ideals are very unpopular- not just in metal, but modern culture at large. I see what we do as a form of true defiance.

6. How does it feel to have six albums under your guys belts did you ever see the band to come this far and release this many albums?

I never thought I'd be looking back at 10 years and 6 albums. It's really amazing. It seems like we just started yesterday, and at the same time, so much has happened. It's been quite a ride. I'm excited to keep it moving.

7. This time around you did not decide to feature any guest artists as you have in the past why didn't you want to have anyone come abroad?

Not only was I pressed for time during the writing process, which left me with little spare time to think about the possibility of guests, but after nabbing both Speed and Christian on the last record, it's hard to know where to go from there. Those guys are 2 of my top 3 current metal vocalists.

8. What are your songs about? What specific themes do they cover?

We write songs about the human condition, love, lust, death, sin, solitude, mortality, anger, and faith, all through the lens of a Christian worldview.

9. Do you write your own songs? Can you discuss the songwriting process in detail?

Yes, we write all of our own material. I gather ideas throughout the year, and record them onto my phone- these can be riff ideas, vocal melodies, and lyrics, whatever. A few months before we're slated to record, I start to flesh these ideas out into full songs. I create these demo tracks in Garage Band. I program the drums; add some lead guitar ideas and bass... and vocals if I get time. These demos serve as the master blueprint for what we record in the studio. The lyrics I'll write whenever and wherever I can. It can happen in my car, at home, at the office... whenever they come to me.

10. Who are your musical influences?

Pantera, Metallica, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Slipknot, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, At The Gates, Deftones, Alice In Chains, HIM, etc.

11. What are your expectations for the CD?

I have no expectations, but I'm hoping people love it. We're very proud of this record.

12. How do you describe your music to people? What image do you think your music conveys?

I hope that it conveys a sense of hope... and understanding. We believe Jesus Christ is the answer to everything... trial or struggle, concern, desire, hope, meaning, purpose... so we hope that comes through in our songs.

13. Can you tell me about the concept behind the video "My Destiny" is all about?


It's about growing up in the suburbs, finding your place in the world, hanging with your friends, getting into trouble, discovering new music, forming your tastes... the song is all about that moment I realized I wanted to do music for a living. It's about growing up and realizing your place in the world. The kids in the video are supposed to vaguely symbolize the guys in the band. We didn't all grow up together, but we did grow up in a very similar fashion, with many of the same interests.

14. What are your upcoming touring plans?

We're heading to Europe this weekend. We'll be there for about a week with Deadlock, Nightrage and Insense. We'll be announcing some summer tour dates soon, so stay tuned for that.

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