Candlemass’s Leif Edling Talks Final Album, New Album, and Final Farewell

Swedish metallers Candlemass have been around for nearly 30 years and now they have decided that this is it. "Psalms for the Dead" will be their eleventh and final album to be released by the all new label they got signed with Napalm Records. Founding bassist and songwriter for the band Leif Edling, discussed with me the band's upcoming plans for touring come the fall, what this final album will bring for the band and the fans and just wishes all for the best on the band's final farewell.

1. How would you describe the overall sound of the new album? How does it compare to Death Magic Doom?

Leif: Hmmm that’s a very difficult question because I’m so involved so I don’t know how it’s different. I think the previous album maybe a little more metal than this one. But this one is more metal in a way, partly and more epic here and there having more atmosphere here and there. I don’t know someone said it’s more of everything this time so maybe it is. If you’re expecting it to be a full out metal album it isn’t it varies fast tempos, slow songs, melodic songs, you get a little bit of everything but a bunch of 9 songs on the album makes it more interesting, having more keyboards this time. But to make it wisely having it have keyboards all over we have them here and there sometimes being loud or soft in the background and I think it works adding an extra dimension. Like the opening track “Prophet” has keyboard but its stutter but it’s a good product and brings all of the elements together and forward, the guitars, drums, it’s all there and in your face. Robert’s vocals are high and mixed in and it sounds incredible.

2. Did the band have any definitive goals they were shooting for before the recording process began for this album?

Leif: Difficult question hmm the thing we were all talking about before the album was that we liked the previous album very much. So we thought Death Magic Doom would be hard to match so we weren’t sure on even making another album. It wasn’t a sure thing on doing it. So we had a big meeting last summer so I said yeah I want to try and see what we can come up with. It has to be different though and I didn’t know how to make it different so I just wrote. The thing I did was try not to repeat what was on Death Magic Doom so I came up with other stuff and songs. People don’t expect certain things because we’re a doom metal band getting different things here and there for sure so then I came up with the single “Dancing in the Temple” because it doesn’t sound anything like our previous album or Candlemass. It’s totally different and what we wanted to do. Hopefully you will have a interesting time listening.

3. Is this a concept album and what inspired the album title?

Leif: It’s not a concept album it’s 9 songs that have different themes. But you still have that sense of leaving and goodbye’s since it is our last album. You think about what you have done and the time spent it has a vibe to this album and don’t know how to explain it any better. It’s pretty metal and heavy with a certain vibe with this album and is fresh for us.

4. Did you feel any pressure for a follow-up?

Leif: In a way yes and no, like I said before it was difficult make a better album than Death Magic Doom but still we don’t care what people think so the pressure was just on us and myself. But I pretty much lifted the pressure off myself so I didn’t even try making it better so I just wrote songs and we saw what came out and I thought it worked. So once we entered the studio we said we’re going to push ourselves and do this you’re going to just fall on your ass and I’m not going to try and people now are very excited about it. So we must have done something right. We thought it would good to tell people that it was going to be our last album and go to places we haven’t been. So who knows we may tour for 3 to 5 years it all depends really and what we want to do. I feel pretty good about it but it’s the best I can describe it.

5. How does it feel to be a part of the Napalm Records family what have they brought to Candlemass? Why did you decide that this album would be your final album? How does it feel?

Leif: We had a big meeting last summer and discussed it. So we talked about making a follow-up but we weren’t sure and we were out of contract with Nuclear Blast Records in the first place. So we wanted to go and release one final album and let people know and say our final goodbye to everybody. We had a few offers from different labels and even Nuclear Blast who wanted us back. But Napalm Records won and gave us a offer we couldn’t refuse. It’s a good thing to be a part of Napalm Records because we were will the one’s and with Nuclear Blast Records the bigger bands will be the main priority and us being second to bands like Nightwish or others so being with Napalm Records we are the one’s up there. I like that and for our last album great and we love the album everyone does and feels and looks pretty good.

6. What are your upcoming tour plans? How do you hope that Candlemass goes out in a bang?

Leif: Hopefully we are planning a tour for the fall with Angel Witch hopefully it’s what I heard and another band on the bill would be wonderful personally. I’m sure more tours will come in the fall even though our guitarist is having a child in the fall as well so I hope we can sort things out. Hopefully also we have good word about our last album and final words it’s a pretty good way to say goodbye.

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