Pictures In Sound Parts Ways

This has got to be an epidemic or something or other because yet another band has decided to part ways and move forward with all new projects. A Beautiful Nightmare and City Under Fire both posted about parting ways and now Pictures In Sound can be added to this list. It's truly sad how difficult the music industry is and can be and what makes musicians come to such a tragedy.

Pictures In Sound went on to release an EP and played a handful of showcases but as I mentioned the band is no more and posted this message on their Facebook page:

"Hey all, this is Dan. I don't really know where to begin so I'll just put it out there: Pictures in Sound is no more. After giving it much thought I've made the choice to move away from Los Angeles and the other guys have decided to do other things - they may post about that here, so keep an eye out!

We had a great time in PiS and want to thank you all for your support and for listening to what we had to share with the world.

We've made the EP free for download on Bandcamp. Thanks again, everyone."

So yet again another band has bitten the dust....

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