Avenger Of Blood Releases Various Updates!

Avenger Of Blood is a thrash metal act from Las Vegas, Nevada who also got their start in 2001 and went on to releases two full-lengths "Complete Annihilation" (2005) and "Death Brigade" (2008) along with two demos, vinyl, and was featured in a complication album. After a few line-up changes and touring routes the band faded away not to be heard from again until NOW!

The band recently posted an assortment of updates via the band's Facebook page,

"Giving another update and this time its a decent size one for you! As we stated last week, we finally enter Constantine Studios to record some new songs on May 26th. We are titling this 3 song EP 'Spawn of Evil' and so far we are very happy with the songs! The songs we will be recording are titled "Spawn of Evil", "Aggressive Psychotic Behavior" and "Centuries of Hell"! We are also going to be recording a video. Not sure which song it will be for yet, but the band has never had an official video ever, so this is something we are excited about! We got our artork in the works for some shirts and a possible cover. We are getting shirts and a few merchandise items for sure but that will be sometime in mid-late June. The art is being done up by Mark Riddick of Riddickart who is an amazing artist known for his work with Gravehill, Coffins, Crucified Mortals, Cemetary Urn, Morbid Angel, and more! We have been talking about getting back out to play live and looking at booking our 1st show back with the new line-up towards the end of August. Nothing is set in stone yet, its just in the planning stages."

 So expect new shows, a new line-up, and ALL NEW MUSIC coming soon!

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