Armor For Sleep Reunites for Bamboozle

Armor For Sleep will reunite at Bamboozle read an exclusive interview with AP HERE. Check out the blog from frontman Ben Jorgensen regarding the reunion HERE.

We ended things a number of years ago and didn’t really talk that much. At the end there was a lot of disappointment and it was a weird situation for all of us and we just kind of walked away from it and didn’t actually stay in touch with each other that whole time. It was kind of like “we” were a sore subject for all of us. I was hanging out with Anthony [DiIonno] who was our bass player, and we both live in Manhattan now and he was talking about how Bamboozle is going back to Asbury Park this year. That has a lot of value for us because that was the first time we were actually given a chance to play any kind of significant show and we’re from New Jersey, so all our friends who were going to see us play in basements and stuff in New Jersey came out to this festival to show their support and its how a lot of people outside of New Jersey first started hearing us.

Anyway, so he told me that was back in Asbury Park. It was the first time when we actually talked about possibly getting back together to play that. I don’t necessarily think that conversation would have come up if it weren’t for the fact that Bamboozle is going back to Asbury Park. I definitely know for sure that there’s not any new Armor For Sleep music that we’re going to work on. This is more of [us] just putting an end to a chapter in our lives, and we feel like Bamboozle is doing a throwback by going back to Asbury Park. In that spirit, we feel like for some people who didn’t get a chance to see our last show, this would be a great time to give them a chance because things ended so abruptly.

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