To Speak Of Wolves Founder Phil Chamberlain Discusses How Better his Band is Now than Before

North Carolina metalcoe metallers To Speak Of Wolves was founded by Phil Chamberlain who's been with the band since the start and spoke to me about the band's last release and all new upcoming release "Find Your Worth, Come Home". Along with discussing the band's all new frontman Gage Speas who replaced former vocalist Rick Jacobs. Chamerlain adds that his band is now better than ever before and wants everyone to know about it and go and check out his band on the upcoming amount of tours they will be part of this coming summer.

1. So why the name To Speak of Wolves what does it represent for the band?

Phil: We came up with the name by jamming with some friends and thought the name wolves would be cool but there are a ton of bands with that name. So we started throwing around a lot of other ideas and at the time we had seen the movie The Village so we took that type of concept and went with that.

2. What is the new album called?

Phil: It’s titled “Find Your Worth, Come Home” out May 22nd on Solid State Records. It will also come out on Vinyl and has 11-tracks that we’re super stoked about.

3. Would you say that this album is a concept album?

Phil: It is not technically a concept album but the theme revolves around Gages rough times in his personal life with him finding himself out of a dark place and getting out of it.

4. What are your songs about?

Phil: For the most part the whole record is about Gages struggles and finding help through his family, friends, so that’s what it’s about revolving about that story.

5. How has the band’s sound evolved since your last release?

Phil: I would say it’s really different having a different singer since we got a new one. Gage is a way better fit and writing process is different than before. Everything went well and we’re all excited about it and it’s the first record that sounds better and polished. It also seems like two different bands if you haven’t seen us live and is different than our first. We went to the studio Glow In The Dark and takes an aspect of their own with capturing the music and everything about it makes it a whole lot better and touring together always makes it better.

6. Did you feel any pressure for a follow-up?

Phil: I think a different type of pressure but we put the pressure on ourselves and move into new life we wanted to be sure and be happy with each part so we didn’t want to rush anything. So we took our time playing these songs so everything turned out really well. Most of the pressure came from us and wanting to get everything out on the record to sound ok.

7. Can you go into one or two tracks on the new album? If so, can you give us the track title and brief description of how the track sounds and how it came about?

Phil: Sure we have a track called "Stand Alone Complex” and it has guest vocals on the bridge of The Sleeper and that’s how we met our new singer at the time he was working with them. So when we wrote it we were excited about it and crazier and chaotic and while we were recording that band came out through on a tour of theirs and we played the song and some guest vocals happened and was awesome. Gage was excited about it too because they’re such good friends of ours. Another track is called "Rearview Memories" that also has guest vocals on it; we wrote that song when our friend’s dad had passed away so we structured a song around that. But it all turned out really awesome and we’re proud of it.

8. What are your expectations for the CD?

Phil: I have no idea we want as many people to hear the record and tour as much as we can. Maybe you can relate to what we have to say on this record we expect it to be something and play as much as we can and have people enjoy it.

9. What are your upcoming plans?

Phil: We’re doing a full U.S. tour before the record comes out then have a bunch of festivals in the summer so just a bunch of touring.

10. Anything else you'd like to say or promote?

Phil: Thanks for the interview and all of the support and hopefully see you guys at some of our shows sometime.

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