Upon A Burning Body - Red. White. Green.

When it comes to admiring or loving something more than anything else in the entire world no one can do it better than Upon A Burning Body who shows love for who they are and where they come from which is San Antonio, Texas and these Texans have brought out their heritage from the state they grew up in. Hence why they went on to call their follow-up release to their debut LP "The World Is Ours", "Red. White. Green."

As soon as the album begins you are thrown with aggression, energy, and momentum with songs like opener "Game Over", that literally drives the music right into other one hit wonders like "Sin City", and "Once Upon A Time in Mexico". Other mentionable tunes that really gets the music driving has to be "Texas Blood Money" then they depart from the aggression and hit some instrumental moments like "El Marachi" where "Desperado" keeps the heaviness going just as before.

It is certain that Upon A Burning Body has expanded and matured on this release celebrating an all new way of writing and thinking through their eyes when it comes down to making this kind of music.

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