Farewell, My Love Out with the Old in with the New, New Members That is!

Farewell, My Love have just released the following message in regards to former members departing the band while also getting some all new ones.

"Hello everyone,

We have a few announcements we would like to make...

First off, we are upset to say we have parted ways with our bass player Gary Grant. It was a mutual decision made by both parties and we wish him all the best and ask that you all support him in his new project. He will be missed but we all have to go through changes in order to grow, and we wish him all the best!

On that note, we are proud to announce Charlee Conley into the mix as the new bass player of Farewell, My Love. Coming to us from California and his former band Stitched Up Heart, his drive and musical talent is helping to take the band up a notch as we prepare to hit the road and studio.

Lastly, we have also brought on Logan Thayer as a second guitar player. His versatility brings new influences to the table, both live and in the studio ensuring that we bring you guys the best possible FML we can be!

We are stoked to have these guys with us and encourage you all to add our new members and get to know them! They are great guys and really bring a lot to the table!!!

Finally, we would like to thank you, the fans, for your endless support. We appreciate you all so much as we come out of these difficult changes and cannot wait to see you on tour this year in support of our upcoming records!!! <#

Röbby Creasey & Chad Kowal"

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