Let the Blood, Sweat, and Punks Unite as One! The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, and Havok Battle L.A.

Hollywood, California's infamous Sunset Strip is known for its array of venues and crazy go getters running amuck every now and then but after a previous incident lead to riots at the Key Club, the venue knew things had to be done to prevent this from reoccurring. So who else but the L.A.D.P. was brought in, in full force for that matter as the streets were somewhat blocked off with traffic and cops walking up and down the streets of the packed out venue.

All that could be seen was black, black, and more black, all punks, rockers, and metalheads alike all wore their black t-shirts in pride sporting the band they admired most, since an array was from the bill of The Forward Into Battle Tour, featuring The English Dogs, The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, and Havok, there was clearly only one thing to do in a time like this, PARTY AND ROCK OUT!

Once inside the venue it was halfway filled everyone claiming their spot for that night got ready because it was time for Colorado’s Havok to dominate the stage and as lead vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez put it "What is up California! It is time to fuckin party!" With that said, Havok took center stage and didn't let it slip kicking things off with "No Amnesty", everybody went insane in the pit located in the center of the room of course, pushing and shoving everybody that got in their way from left to right to right on top of the stage everyone was getting a feel of this uncontained energy. "Out Of My Way", "D.O.A." and "Covering Fire", were the pick of the litter that kept the crowd energized and enlightened.


Next was once a one man band but not anymore for frontman guitarist and vocalist Joel Grind has taken Toxic Holocaust to a whole another level since 2008's "An Overdose Of Death..." and most recent "Conjure and Command" things were looking up for and his band mates. Opening with "Wild Dogs" was quite the peace offering having that lead right into "Nuke the Cross", along with a variety of older tunes from "666" to "War Is Hell", Toxic Holocaust kept the crowd even more hyped and pumped than Havok had done. With that people were so into it that they started rushing the stage climbing on top of one another just to get their few minutes of fame, but with everything that goes up must come down and that’s what happened, everyone hoped upon the stage danced about then jumped right back into the crowd some even jumping into some empty spots landing face first into the floor. It was clear that Toxic Holocaust had indeed made their mark.


By the time Toxic Holocaust was done it was time for what everybody was clearly there for The Casualties. An act that has been around for 22 years it was time for them to fuck things up! Having never seen the band before but been a fan for some time it was quite the experience to see. As soon as the band hit the stage things began to unravel, everybody in sight went ballistic. Everyone who previously rushed the stage returned but in bigger numbers but thanks to The Casualties making a simple statement “This is not our stage this is your stage” everyone took that in stride hoping, dancing, and ringing along before either jumping head first, back flipping, or getting shoved right off the stage from security the fans kept the routine coming.


The set list was comprised of such songs as "War Is Business", "Get Off My Back", "Punk Rock Love", "Scared For Life", "No Way Out", and "System Failed Us", among others there was not denying it The Casualties brought it all home leaving people in pure awe and riot madness.

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