Hailing from Sheffield in the North of England Black Spiders have taken all of Europe with their shit-kicking AC/DC rawk-meets high energy punk approach. To put it more eloquently as leading UK music pub Kerrang says “this Sheffield based quintet have managed to harness the powers of Angus Young and priapic death punks Turbonegro and distill it into a brew fit for Odin himself”. Now Black Spiders have set their sights on North America as they are announcing the U.S. release of their full-length opus Sons Of The North on April 17th via Dark Riders/Red Eye.

The album is propelled by rowdy chestnuts like “Just Like A Woman” (whose retro-classic metal video featuring appearance by Games Of Thrones actress Esme Bianco got official U.S. premiere today on Noisecreep) as well as adrenaline fueled anthems like “Stay Down” delivering ten tracks of head-banging fury. Black Spiders roster includes a three-guitar attack and is composed of Pete ‘Spider’ Spiby (vocals / guitar), Ozzy ‘Owl’ Lister (guitar), Mark ‘Dark Shark’ Thomas (guitar), Adam ‘the Fox’ Irwin(bass) and Tiger Si (drums).

In a live setting, the band’s stage show is as damaging as their recorded output, as evidenced from their successful stints touring Europe with acts such as Volbeat, Airbourne, Black Stone Cherry, The Supersucker and Monster Magnet. In addition Black Spiders have become a must see artist at big UK festivals such as Sonisphere, Download, High Voltage, Bloodstock and iTunes Festival. The iTunes Festival holds a special place of honor in the band’s early career as they were chosen from over 500 bands by none other than the godfather of metal Ozzy Osbourne himself, to open for him at the festival. Spiby recalls “he told us that he could tell our music came from a real place and that being real would help us to cut through all the bullshit. He said that we should never compromise our sound no matter what anyone says. It was a real shot in the arm for us.” After seeing the Spiders destroy on stage, Osbourne tapped the band one more time for a slot on the UK leg of Ozzfest that year.

Forming in 2008, Black Spiders got their start unfortunately from someone else’s ending. Spiby relates “We were all playing in rock bands separately, then one of our mutual friends died. We held his wake at a pub and paid tribute by getting together to play his favorite tunes. We were doing songs by Motorhead, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Turbonegro and Queens Of The Stoneage. He had so many musician friends that at some points we had three guitarists on stage and two bassists, we had a blast playing those songs and decided to get together and keep that three guitar sound.” The first songs the band completed included Stay Down, St Peter and Just Like A Woman. All of which appear on Sons Of The North and received a music video treatment for the UK. Prior to Sons Of The North, Black Spiders released two EP’s (Cinco Hombres (Diez Cojones) and No Goats In The Omen) as well as a limited edition single of St. Peter.

A new video is being completed over the next few weeks for the song “Kiss Tried To Kill Me” around the U.S. release. The song is actually inspired by a strange nightmare, about Gene Simmons & co classic line-up in full make-up trying to slay Spiby. “It was a strange dream but it made for a strong visual, Kiss would have been perfect serial killers with an alibi as a touring rock band during the 70’s, disposing of victims on each tour stop.” Stranger still perhaps is the actual Kiss and their fans approval of the track as Paul Stanley mentioned the song while guest-editing UK’s Classic Rock Magazine and the song being posted on the official Kiss Army Website. The invasion has begun.

Check out their debut U.S. video for "Just Like A Women" via Noisecreep HERE.

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