Impending Doom - Baptized In Filth

"The Serpent Servant" released in 2009 was what drew me towards Californians Impending Doom. But after the release of their follow-up release "There Will Be Violence" the following year the band fell out of what they previously created. Then no word was heard from them until now with the release of their fourth album "Baptized In Filth". This being the first effort to be released with eOne Music and it promises to be not a disappointing one. In fact co-founder and vocalist Brook Reeves says that "This record is a lot darker. It's scary and eerie sounding," going on to add that "What we've wanted to capture with most of our stuff - from our sound to our appearance, artwork and stage presentation - is an overall tone [drawing from] the darker side of music. There's some experimentation and newer elements that we've introduced on this album as well."

With that said the guitars, drums, and vocals really commence what this album is built upon, the energy is flawless using material that Slipknot and Lamb of God is known to create and using it to their own advantages, Impending Doom has developed a more aggressive tone returning to what they had before. Songs like "Murderer", "For the Wicked", "Deceiver" and even power ballad "My Light Unseen" is really what captivates Impending Doom's musical approach and direction.

“Baptized In Filth” is one of those releases that will live up to the past and look onto to the future.

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