American Witch - Burn The Crow

Once known by Crow a name defect came into the mix and legal issues would cause the band to come up with a whole another name and now they go by American Witch. So now that Crow is no more there wouldn't be a simpler thing to do than to call your debut “Burn The Crow” only makes sense right?

With that American Witch has taken stylings to that of Black Sabbath, Pantera, and even a little of Slipknot thrown in there to make it all for the better. Thus this release lyrically is well written and centered upon the everyday struggles that people of today cope with. The music itself is focused and raw with emotion written all over it, allowing it to build as the listener listen’s in.

The guitars, drums, bass, and vocals all do their own part and role as it were to make the music really feel and settle in when it comes down to it. American Witch is the next thing to keep an eye out for this year and for hopefully many more to come.

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