Hopes Die Last - Trust No One

Rome, Italy's Hopes Die Last has just released their sophomore release via Standby Records entitled "Trust No One". This being only their second release since forming in 2004, the band has since released two EPs and their debut full-length. Now that the years have come to pass and the present is upon them "Trust No One" is pretty much a breath of fresh air.

Since discovering "Unleash Hell" one of the acclaimed singles there was no turning back. The song is brutally powerful with the vocals having them be screamy but solid work. Other notable tunes includes "Never Trust The Hazel Eyed", "Life After Me Life After You", and "The Same Old Fears", are all are solid and strong pacing tracks each maintaing it's own source of melody, brutality, and strength within the music.

Instrumentally the breakdowns are noted quite enough on a variety of tracks having the mixture of post-hardcore come into the mic with a dose of dubstep with some catchy choruses and eletronics hidden in between.

Hopes Die Last has made a release that they can be hyped over that will surely place them over the top.

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