I, The Breather - Truth And Purpose

I, The Breather now that's another band that has crossed my mind but has yet to hit my ear drums but the time is now. As many I, The Breather is yet another band that has struck the metalcore scene with its own musical trait that manages to develop its own formula on its own accord.

On their latest release "Truth And Purpose", the second album to be released is entertaining and energized to say the least. Having such songs as "False Prophet", "Meaning", and "Judgment", all provide an inside look into the drumming and guitarist's abilities to indicate their riffing skills being able to go back and forth having various chugs and harmonies enter in and out. But if it wasn't for frontman vocalist Shawn he bellows out a well scattered sense of emotion and skills that just amaze the listener.

I, The Breather has made an impressive release surely having these guys be that next big thing to engulf us in the already developed metalcore scene with just their headstrong abilities alone.

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