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Since their formation just four years ago, Baltimore, Maryland’s very own deathcore act In Dying Arms has seen better days since their first professional recording piece “GOREgeours”. After that single hit home and became a fan favorite the band has since released an EP entitled ‘This Is Retaliation” (2009) and later went on to write and release their debut LP “Depriation”. In Dying Arm’s hopes to bring a whole new reality to the term “deathcore” so all that have yet to witness these coreminsters be warned. Frontman Orion Stephens (vocals) discussed with me the band’s past, present, and future activities and where it would all end up come 2011.

1. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Orion: Hey we’re In Dying Arms, a Deathcore act straight out of Baltimore, MD. =D

2. What about the band's name, "In Dying Arms" is there a story behind it?

Orion: Not really, I (Orion) came up with it when I was 16 and it sounded cool to me. But I guess it means being in arms that are dying but in other words, means surrounded by constant negativity. I dunno fans can make up whatever meaning they want for it.

3. How did you get signed to Matchless Records?

Orion: We contacted them in 2009 but never got around to signing until 2010.

4. Who writes the songs? What are they about?

Orion: The entire band writes the music together but I write the lyrics, which are mostly about depression, hardships, and relationships.

5. Do you think it's more important to write a song that's meaningful to you or a song that you know people will like?

Orion: I'd say meaningful, but it's always good to convey in a way to where it’s catchy to people's ears.

6. Who are your influences?

Orion: Music wise, I’d have to say Whitechapel, Emmure, Suicide Silence, and Chelsea Grin.

7. You released your debut record "Deprivation" how does it differ from your EP "This is Retaliation"?

Orion: Well Deprivation is a lot darker than our last record. The lyrics are more well written and meaningful as well as our music. We are tuned in Drop A on this record opposed to Drop A# on our EP. And Deprivation has more of a Deathcore approach on it.

8. What can be expected from listening to this album? Did you try anything new?

Orion: You can expect a lot of heavy breakdowns and riffs. The vocals are a lot better as well. The whole album is full of ideas so it’s very different than our last.

9. What was it like writing your first full length debut?

Orion: Well we kind of rushed some of it, but it wasn't too much different than writing our old EP.

10. Do you have any personal favorites off it?

Orion: My personal favorite is "Obsolete". It sums up our album in my opinion.

11. When can we be expecting you guys to hit the road?

Orion: Well we always play out of state shows, expect a lot in 2011. But since our last tour in January we have been saving up for a new van/trailer so we can do more touring. =D

12. How about the remainder of this year leading into the New Year, what can we expect from you guys?

Orion: Well we've got some great shows lined up and we've been promoting a lot for our LP. We do have a little secret we will be working on the remainder of the year, but expect it in early 2011.

13. Anything you'd like the people to know before we finish?

Orion: Nothing except that we love our fans and to keep spreading the word about us and to pick up our new record either online or on iTunes, or at your local Hot Topic and if it’s not available then request it!

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