Sleeping With Angels Promising Arrival: the Interview

When June 2007 had struck a group if five young musicians around their mid-early 20s from Southern California had decided to form a band and from that day forward they would call themselves Sleeping With Angels. The band was a formatted from the remaining members of this band Zain once was, but then Josh (Vocals), and Anthony Reta (Bass/Vocals/keyboard). As time went by they went into finding some musicians that were more to their need and some indeed catch their attention while some didn't. In the long run they came across a solid group of talented musicians; The Ozkar (Guitars), Andrew Garcia (Guitars), Justin Tapparo (Bass), and Fabio Patino (Drums). Later on down the line the band slowly began to write and create music in their timely manners which lead them to write their first debut entitled "Promise to Nowhere" which will make its debut June 2010.

1. Let's start off with a little background information. How did Sleeping With Angels start out?
Josh: We started in June of 2007. We were all in other bands, but artistic differences drew us apart from the other projects that we were in; and summoned us together. I guess it was our time to find each other.

2. Where do you draw your influences from?

Josh: We all have different influences, which makes are music so diverse. Our tastes range form: The Beatles, Alice in Chains, Led Zepplien, Deep Purple, Nirvana, The Doors, King Crimson, Iron Madien, John Lee Hooker,  all the way to Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.......The List goes on and on.....Alcohol helps too.....

3. What is your favorite track off the new album and why?

Josh: One of my favorite tracks off of the album has to be, "One More for the Road".... It deals with having to escape from your life for a little while, and doing what you have to do; or taking what you need to take...before you have to make that long journey down the road, back home.

4. Can you tell us more about “Promise to Nowhere"?

Josh: "Promise to Nowhere", has to deal with this never ending rat-race that the majority of the human species finds its -self trapped in. It’s like the never ending pursuit of money and power. It’s manipulation of media, and the government trying to brainwash your mind in thinking in their points of views instead of having your own. The constant need to crush your competition, kill your enemy and neighbor. Basically how in the end, we all die anyway. What's the point of life? Or is it, just a promise to nowhere?

5. Does the album cover for “Promise to Nowhere" have any meaning behind it or did you guys just think it looked awesome?

Josh: We used a picture of train tracks...when we were young, we lived by them, and they connected us to our friends and destinations....a road in a way. The track behind us is our past, and the tracks leading into the infinite distance ahead of us is our future.

6. Who writes the lyrics in the band? What do the lyrics usually deal with?

Josh: I, Josh Galo, write the lyrics. They all have to deal with certain times in my life where the only sanctuary from my demons was to write. From: Pain, Sadness, Abandonment, Suicide, Betrayal, Anger and Hatred.......Some of the rawest and most powerful of emotions. The songs are pretty much a form of "Sonic- Therapy" for me and the rest of the band. They provide a way to cope.

7. You guys plan to be a part of the second installment in the LA Punk Noir Festival, how did you get involved with this festival?

Josh: Our Guitarist, Ozkar, answered the right add at the right time I suppose.

8. What should fans look forward too for the rest of 2010 and beyond?

Josh: They should look forward to our first set of tours and streamline of radio airplay as well as promotions also having the possibility of looking forward to our second recording sometime in 2011.

9. Sleeping With Angels is from Los Angeles what LA sports teams do you root for?

Josh: We don't like sports. We see them as needless displays of testosterone.

10. Any last comments?

Josh: We appreciate all of our fans that we have gained through the past years and the ones that we will gain in the time to come, and hope that our music helps them as much as it helped us.....
Sincerely, Sleeping With Angels

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