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Alternative rock powerhouse group Slant has been doing nothing BUT touring, making music, and getting their groove on. With that said two of the four members, Fahim Zaman (vocals/guitar) and Munir Haque (guitar) caught up with me to discuss the band's current plans for the remainder of this year and what we can expect as of next year.

1. You licensed the song "Lying and Bleeding" into an MMA film by Longsgate/Grindstone, how did this all happen?

Munir: KROQ and our management team PCM live made it happen for us. They used our song called Lying and Bleeding. It fits well with the MMA fighting world.

2. KROQ's Locals Only has been hitting the mark hard when it comes to "All I'm Good For" so I take it it's gotten a big reception?

Munir: Yeah thanks to Kat Corbett and our fans, the song has been making a lot of appearances on the local’s only show.

Fahim: Yeah thank you KROQ and all the peeps that have called in for the song. I can’t believe it’s still hittin strong, it’s been a year so far and it still comes back on, And it’s shown in our shows as well....a lot more peeps have been comin down... So def. thank you’s to Kat & everyone at the station and everyone for calling in. KEEP CALLING GUYS!!!

3. You have been selected to play at the Ford Fiesta Lounge Show happening at the Escondido Street Fair, what can be expected from that event?

Fahim: Just expecting to have a good time and playing a good show out there in Escondido, And to check out some cool cars from ford of course. The show is put on as part of the contest “Gimmie the Gig” from Ford, so along with writing a little song that goes with the motto, they asked us to do a short set to entertain the audience at the fair.

4. Speaking of performances you guys also played in this year's Sunset Strip Music Festival, how did that turn out for you guys?

Munir: The sunset music fest was a lot of fun. The guys from P.O.D are very cool and so were all the bands on the bill.
Ilya: It was a blast, the place was packed and we met a lot of new people and had a great time on stage.

5. Have you had any luck in getting signed or had any offers from any labels?

Fahim: Still in the works, we’ve been talking to a couple labels but nothing is where we would like it at so far, so we’re gonna keep playing and doing what we do and if it happens then it happens…Until then we will push along with our d.i.y. methods that show solid success.

6. How about writing have you written any new material since we last talked? Have any upcoming releases in store or not yet?

Munir: We have re arranged some of our tunes into acoustic tracks which we will be recording very soon along with a new track.

Fahim: Yah and we’ve been writing alot and have a lot of songs kinda half way there....early on next year we’ll have stuff ready and released. The acoustic stuff will be out in the next couple months...

7. What else does 2010 have in store for Slant for the remainder of this year leading into next year?

Fahim: We have a bunch of dates coming up in October....We love doing Halloween shows so this year we’re doing the Dark Harbor event on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, along with a couple other spots around L.A. and O.C. Come out and it’ll be a good time...

8. Is there anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

Fahim: Thanks for sticking with us and all the support...Keep hittin us up on Myspace and Facebook, we love talking to ya guys...2010 was kickass....2011 will be even better...See ya at the shows!..... :)

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