Lock Up Your Liquor and Hide Your Daughters, because... As The Ashes Fall Are Ready to Knock Your Face In!

While little to none can be said about them, As The Ashes Fall tend to bring back "what once was" hence their use of 80s hard rock slammed against the adrenaline rush of punk meets heavy metal - As The Ashes Fall Sean (vocals), Nikki (bass), Chris (drums), and Paris (guitar) maintain to produce an electrifying experience that’s both nurturing and rapidly growing right now as we speak. With the constant touring and recording to occupy their time, As The Ashes Fall is a domination to the Los Angeles music scene.

1. Please introduce yourselves and tell me how As The Ashes Fall originated?

Paris: Me, Chris and Nikki come from a previous band “Blood on the Stereo" when "BOTS" Disbanded we decided to start a new project. After scouting for a vocalist for months and trying out quite a few people we finally connected with Sean through craigslist. The rest is history.

2. As The Ashes Fall is the band's name but what is the meaning behind it?

Nikki: Me and Chris were driving in Santa Monica and we were stopped by a cop. when I asked him why I was being pulled over the cop said it was because I threw a lit cigarette out of my window, I tried to tell him the ashes had fallen in my crotch and were burning me so i had to get rid of it quick… He didn't buy my story but he did give me a ticket.

Sean: It kinda became a running joke in the studio… whenever something bad would happen to one us we would write it off as "Well that's how the ashes fall".

3. When it comes to performing live what are some of your favorite songs to play?

Paris: “From Lut to Dust”.

Nikki: “Lost Cause (SixGun)”, and “Twilights & Daybreaks”.

Chris: “10”, and” From Lust to Dust”.

Sean: “From Lust to Dust”, and “Heartache”, (our new song).

4. How would you describe As The Ashes Fall's sound to a new listener?

Chris: Straight rock n roll with an indie/punk twist.

Sean: Oh and Lots of Love ….or Lust… maybe both.

5. With so many people downloading music instead of buying it do you think this is the beginning of the end of the CD?

Sean: I don't think so...there something to be said about holding the CD in your hand and getting to look through the CD booklet it still holds its value over digital records…plus I know many people who still roll with vinyl these days.

Chris: We’re getting ready to make out imprint on the music industry with a little something called Warhouse/Sounds Good Music with are studio mate JoeiJo (www.joeijo.com) warehouse will focus on the rock stuff and sounds good will focus on the electronic/urban market.

6. It seems like you guys have an open schedule as of right now when can we expect you guys to head out on the road?

Chris: Well were just wrapping up recording so were looking to hit the road this summer keep checking our website for upcoming dates (astheashesfall.com).

7. What's going on in terms of music, the only release you have is a demo?

Paris: Well were a relatively new band were concentrating on making good material we don't care to release anything that’s  not up to our standards but keep checking in with us at www.astheashesfall.com we will be releasing Twilights & Daybreaks (album) very soon just putting the finishing touches on it now.

8. What's the craziest thing you've done as a band?

Paris: We ended up in Vegas after a four day binder.

Sean: It was actually pretty fucking rad! We all piled into a van around 3am with only the shirts on our backs. When we finally did arrive in Vegas I went straight for the bar and somehow ended up dropping $200 on a football game….after lost I realized I was flat broke luckily Paris loaned me a couple hundred to keep going…..I never did the him for that….(to Paris) Thanks Man!

Nikki: Well there were a few incidents with cops, car accidents, and vicious women but we’ll save that for the book.

9. Who writes the lyrics in the band? What do the lyrics usually deal with?

Sean: I do and honestly I just write about what I feel, Sometimes Love. Sometimes Hate.

10. What should fans look forward too for the rest of 2010 and beyond?

Paris: Well we got a music video in the works for Twilights and more shows lots more.
Chris: New merch coming soon also and basically over all progressing as a band and hope fully meeting and making new fans and friends.

11.  Who would you love to work with when it comes down to creating that debut album and why?

Paris: James Paul Wisner a talented producer who has worked with Underoath, New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional.

Nikki: Rob Cavallo who worked with Paramore, My Chemical Romance and many other bands. He's Awesome!

Sean: Rick Rubin or Chad Ginsburg of CKY he did some cool work with a band called The Moxy.

12. Do you guys have any messages for your fans?

Sean: Close your eyes and open your mouth…..Seriously I promise to keep my pants on.

Nikki: (laughs) Come to our shows and don't be a stranger.

Chris: Yeah find us on Myspace, Twitter and Facebook also…hit us up we'd love to meet you all.

Paris: Keep Rock'n!

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