I Am Ghost’s Resurrected Creation…. Requiem for the Dead

Before I Am Ghost was ever created lead vocalist Steven Juliano had prior projects tucked away that not many people were even aware of.... He sang in a gothic rock band The Silence, and this ska band Fall Out, as well as another side project Monsta Zero. If it wasn't for any of these projects then I Am Ghost would cease to exist but that time has arisen as well for I Am Ghost has been laid to rest as of 2010. Now that the past is far behind him Steven has a whole another project hidden up his sleeve, Requiem For The Dead. But before discussion of any future circumstances comes into focus, The Silence has to be briefly discussed. Juliano's gothic rock band The Silence was what I Am Ghost was envisioned to be and what lead to several album releases and music videos in its discography.

But The Silence didn’t last as long as they had wanted to and since the band’s departure Juliano has released a number of demos that are free for download and from what I’ve listened to I can commence that The Silence is indeed a envisioning of what I Am Ghost once was. It possesses the same use of guitar structure, same vocal tactics, along with everything else The Silence is exactly what I Am Ghost was except I think The Silence possessed a much darker approach.

What can be expected from Juliano in the upcoming future? Well from what has been said, Requiem For the Dead is on the horizon and brand new material will arisen come 2011 will it be anything like his previous works? Will it live up to what I Am Ghost was or will it fail as all the rest had done? Only time will tell. 

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