Endless Hallway – Autonomy Games

Endless Hallway has indeed been around for some time now but just hasn’t hit the surface just yet. Some of their main problems were that they had demo recordings tucked under their belt and hadn't done much of touring to gain much of recognition. Their material is top notch quality but from what they could offer at the time being they were only giving a glance at what potential lied within.

Now that they've gotten themselves sign into a solid based label, Wind-Up Records who’s been around for the past 11 years, Endless Hallway's debut effort "Autonomy Games" is surely to amuse at least some listeners. "Autonomy Barrier", starts things off and though its guitar riffs and raunchy vocal attics are smooth yet aggressive Endless Hallway’s first attempts at song making is a solid piece of craftsmanship. "A Bad Current" manages to kick things up a notch with its rather impressive yet confident musical chooses that just settles the music into place instantly. The album goes in several different directions. "Remora", being the power-pop eye-catcher with "Shallows", being the ballad of them all and "Gamma" getting your groove on with its upbeat dance beats. This album is just a twister of music that cannot be compelled into just one type.

The album's first single "Solvency", returns to where the band started with the beginning of the album's progression then the album just falls out of place it would seem. Endless Hallway takes influences very serious with making this assortment of tunes that just puts them at ease. Fans of Hawthorne Heights, Switchfoot, and From First to Last will surely find this quite the pleaser.

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