Sacrificial Slaughter - Spontaneous Suicide

If you haven't discovered what death metal is then I suggest you do so. For those who aren't familiar with the term it’s a genre of heavy metal music that consists of constant growls, fast guitars and progressive beats that shake and rattle your bones right out of your skin. Now if that still doesn't grab your attention then perhaps this name shall, Sacrificial Slaughter!

"Spontaneous Suicide", released just last year has everything you could ask for in the terms of "death metal" from growling grunts to fast guitar riffs with over powerful solo tactics that just makes your mind spin. This music alone is impossible to resist like take "Waist Deep in My Filth", this gut retching tune its packed full of obscene noises fast instrumentals and everything in between. While "Agressor Of Death", promises to be your death calling card. It delivers an aggressive assortment of beats its overwhelming. Whilst “Sacrificial Right” takes a mellow dramatic approach that keeps the listener at ease at first glance but returns in retaliation with yet again a source of vastly driven hits.

Sacrificial Slaughter is what death metal is and will forever remain because without death there is no point in living. 

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