Buried Inside Interview

An interview with Andrew Tweedy:

Please introduce yourself, and what is the hidden symbolism behind the name?

My name is Andrew Tweedy. The name Buried Inside recognizes a certain level of individual and social repression, to which we are all subject. Basic repression is universal and inescapable. However, surplus repression, I would like to believe, is not. Many have argued that surplus repression is fully internalized oppression. The name is in reference to the idea that the repressed is always striving to return, and that we, as humans in a repressive society, are always trying to come to terms with this.

Do you feel you are portraying a message to the masses that we can all relate to?

Buried Inside is and always will be a punk band! We don't pretend to have all the answers, but we do have a lot of questions. One thing we have always strived to do is draw attention to the fallacies of thought and social constructs that are so ingrained in our normal lives that we forget that they exist and that we do have choices.

What is music for you? Does it bring you some new emotions or it helps you to get rid of some negative emotions?

That's a pretty tough question. Music serves countless different purposes. Some music evokes emotion, some music evokes thought and some just eases your mind. That's the beauty I guess... It's such a broad experience. There's music for every occasion. Despite playing "heavy" music, I don't think negative emotions are a big part of it. Certainly it does dictate the lyrics to a certain extent, but writing, performing and listening to this music is an overall positive experience.

What do you think of all of your releases? Have you reached your goal as a musician or not yet and what can we expect from the next album?

I think for past releases, whether with Buried Inside or other, they're all things that I feel proud of. They're representative of moments in my life. Even if I listen to old recordings of bands I was in when I was 15 and they sound awful and the musicianship is that of a bunch of pot-head kids, I'd never be embarrassed or ashamed of that stuff. In fact, the opposite. I've learned a lot and experienced a lot from each band or each recording. I'm not sure I ever had a goal. I wanted to make records and perform, and I've done those things. So sure, I've reached my goals in that sense. The next record is a lot different to me from the last one but it's always hard to say from my point of view. I can't tell what other people hear when they listen. It's something much different from what we hear, having constructed these records.

Why do you think the 80s has enjoyed such a huge comeback? What do you think of the new AC/DC & Metallica albums?

I haven't heard the new AC/DC, but the new Metallica is just sad. Not quite as bad as the last one, but close. I find it so hard to understand how bands can go from being on top of the world to sheer mediocrity.

Why do you play this blend of hardcore, progressive, and metal?

We just play what sounds good to us. We don't set out to sound like any genre or be a part of any group of bands. We play honest music from our hearts. Sometimes that alone is enough to set us apart from other bands these days.

What's all about the word "time" on "Chronoclast (Selected Essays On Time-Reckoning And Auto-Cannibalism)"?

Every song title starts with the word "time" except for 2 instrumental songs. The album was written as one song, split into two halves. So the song titles merely sections of a bigger piece, so to speak. It was a record about time as the primary socializing tool and the clock as the key machine of industrial capitalism. So each track was exploring a different aspect.

I noticed that you've toured North America a lot, and you got to chill with Unearth and Converge among others. Are those two in particular a big influence in helping creating your own music?

We never toured with Converge. I think we've played with them once and have never hung out with them, aside from recording out last record with Kurt. We've played a lot with Unearth. We met almost ten years ago when both bands were starting out. Our music is pretty different, but they're a bunch of great dudes and have always supported us. I wouldn't say either band has influenced us much directly, but obviously Converge's influence is fairly broad across the genre of underground, heavy music. We just want to tour with cool dudes. 90% of touring is spent hanging out and waiting for the next show, so it's important to really get along with the dudes around you.

How is the holiday season treating you?

Holidays are stressful. It's bullshit. You get all this time off, but it's all just a lot of running around and stress. I had to do a bunch of shopping at stores I hate to support, so that never feels good.

What do you know and think about Romania?

Our former guitar player's parents lived there for some time and he spent holidays there. We all wanted The Golden Boys to win the world cup.

Any final thoughts or comments you'd like to make?

Thanks for this!


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