Snatch Club Interview

1. Hey what's up? How is the holiday season treating you guys? Any New Year’s resolutions?

Hey… holiday time always feels good you know! Chilin' with the guys, having fun, visiting family and so on! And of course there are resolutions for the New Year, writing new stuff and touring as much as we can!

2.How is the current feedback of "True Kids Superbrawl" being thrown about?
Haha….good question.

There are a lot of reviews going into different directions. Unfortunately there are much more negative reviews about our LP than positive ones. But I have to say that we're doing this shit since two years now and we're still having fun and the guys in the pit love it. So of course it's not nice to read such bad critics, but we're not going to change our style because of some fags who don't like us or our music!

3. What was it like playing with Six Reasons to Kill? I’ve interviewed them before great guys.

Yeah, you're right. They are really cool people and they've got a really Solid band going, so it is always nice to share the stage with them. And the first show with 6RTK basically leads to the contract with bastardized, so of course it was great to play with them ;)

4. What do you think of your passed creation Elephant Man compared to Snatch Club is it the same style or totally different?

Snatch Club is not Elephant Man anymore. It's not the same style but it's also not totally different. We got much more hardcore and beat down influences now with Snatch Club than before, but I think we still love the hard tunes and we're still blowing the ears of our fans. i also have to say, I’m sure we don't reached our limits! We got our first album out and i would say there is more potential. so be prepared for more snatch-tunes!

5. Future plans for Snatch Club?

World domination :) future plans.....of course writing songs for the next record. This year we are planning a tour over Europe, maybe some collaborations with bands we got to know the last months. Who knows?! But anyway, we're going to hit the stages in your area and we'll bring the Snatch Club in your town!!!!

6. What is the German music environment compared to the US environment?

4000 miles away. No but seriously we don't have any experience with the US music environment, since we haven't played any shows in the US so far, so it's hard to answer this question.

7. If you could describe your style in just 3 words, what would they be?


8. How did you get involved with Bastardized?

Like I mentioned before, we played a show with six reasons to kill in winter 2007. After we hit the stage, Marco (Guitar-6RTK) talked with us about sending a demo to Bastardized. So it happened, a few weeks later we signed the contract. I think such a deal is a great opportunity for bands like us and we are really pleased about this collaboration.

9. Is there any band out there that you look up to the most when writing/recording music?

You can't generalize it for every one of us. We all got our influences from different bands, are listening to different music, so I can't name just one band for us all. My own influences are somewhere between nasty and white chapel. There are a couple of bands that inspire us in the way we write or even record our music. We are proud to be a part of this music scene and that’s it. We don't want to stay on top or reach levels; no one has ever reached before, just want to have fun with other bands and the people who love the music.

10. Last words?

Not guilty! Haha Yeah, thank you for listening and hopefully I could answer your questions. Keep it up guys and stay tuned for more Snatch Stuff!!! Cheers, Tobi & SC

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