CD Review: Melody Maker - Symphony Of Hatred

Melody Maker's EP "Symphony Of Hatred," consisted of 4-tracks is their newest release from their previous works “The Revenge from Bleeding Lolita," which sold millions of copies within its first week alone selling out soon after but that was then and this is now and this installment takes Melody Maker to a whole new level.
"From Dying To Death," begins the record with a stirring twist of fate as the vocals begin to expand screeching and growling the lyrics loud and clear as the backing vocals help letting the guitar riffs create upon each note played. The drumming being played fast and hard keeping up with the guitars and vocals easily never missing a beat, as the track soon turns into "The Imposter." A riff twister allowing the guitars to come up with crafty creations that keep on building upon one another until they turn into a killer roaring solo that breaks the sound barrier letting the vocals wrap everything up sounding very similar to Cradle of Filth's "Her Ghost in the Fog."
The two remaining tunes "The Mannequine of the Beauty Queen," and "Suicide After Prom Night Massacre," both go directly into one another after one finishes the next one fills right in, each track is completely different though, "The Mannequine of the Beauty Queen," has a more darker in depth feel and vibration than the ending tune does which is a more uplifting and has a more mellow feel as it concludes the record. All in all Melody Maker is a keeper act to keep in mind and have your eyes spread wide and open because their musical capture is to eye catching you won't want to miss a minute of it!

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