A Thorn For Every Heart Interview

1. Introduce yourself and what has the response been so far for "Pick Up The Pieces,"?

I'm Ryan, Pick Up the Pieces has been doing very well people are really into it, Its a step away in some ways from our first record Things Aren't So Beautiful Now, And we are all really stoked that kids are into the new CD as much as they are.

2. How did the band's sound progress from "It's Hard to Move You," to "Pick Up The Pieces,"?

I'd say that Pieces leans more into the rock then Its hard to move you, Its hard to move you was pop and very very radio friendly I mean don't get me wrong Pieces is radio friendly as all hell, but the direction that was taken on the new record was more rock, Kelvin had a lot to say on this record about the past year and half of the bands life.

3. Where did the album title come from?

It came from the title and opening track Pick Up The Pieces.

4. Are you excited for the Superbowl?

I personally hate sports, No offense to anyone I'll still love you if your into sports, I don't even know who's in the super bowl.

5. Do you or the band have any pre-concert rituals?

Loads of warming up normally

6. What are your tour essentials?

Mine personally are my iPod you need it for all those late nights driving,my laptop,my phone, Axe, and my four best friends, I just realized I need technology so much

7. What was the first concert you attended as a fan?

It was in 2004 i think, and it was Fall Out Boy, Matchbook Romance, Taking Back Sunday & The Used, Yeah I'm a loser I waited until after high school to go to my first show.

8. Any tour horror stories?

This is the first one that comes to mind with me, We were driving to Bakersfield from Modesto, We were trucking it trying to get there on time (We try and be on time) Phil was driving and decided to pull into a rest stop to go to the bathroom, I get out of the van and some guy comes up and says "You should check your trailer your tire is smoking" so we walk back to the trailer and see that our tire has black crap all over the rim and come to find out our ball baring I think it was was seizing and our tire nearly fell off, Thank you business looking white man at the rest stop!

9. What do you do when you're not on stage or in the studio? Do you have a "day job"?

Yup we have day jobs.

10. Was there ever a record that you didn't go out on tour to support it?

"It's Hard to Move You," was the only record we never went out to support but it was never released.

11. Any final thoughts of wisdom?

You shouldn't take life to seriously. You'll never get out alive. quoted from the great Van Wilder.

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