Melody Maker Interview

1. Can you shed some light on the band's history and briefly summarize the saga of Melody Maker for those who are not yet familiar with the band?

We were born in January 2004 in Jakarta, Indonesia. All the members in the band are a family. We play a dark combination of music from Gothic to Metal Core and Black Metal which of course is a more modern way. We’ve had a lot of fans in Indonesia and Malaysia. When it comes to performance we wear a gothic costume such as Cradle of Filth or moi dix mois from Japan. We're also influenced by dir en grey, malice mizer and moi dix mois also from Japan. Basically stuff like that to get our energy plumping.

2. You have a brand-new EP, "Symphony Of Hatred," out in the open, what can you tell me about its creation - writing, recording, and how you managed to capture that classic style you're known to carry out when expressing yourselves musically.

"Symphony of Hatred," is our newest EP and we plan to release our second LP in mid 2009. Every member has given contribution to creating the music; we’ve had a lot of inspiration when creating this EP. Every song on this album is so brutal and fast with darkness covered all over, being absolutely everywhere in every part of each song played. As for in recording style we recorded all of the songs at our home studio, using nuendo3 software to record them; taking a guide mixing and mastering the process until everything is working mode in our studio.

3. What kind of expectations did you have for the album when you first started writing the new material? How do you feel about the record now, that it's been unleashed upon the masses?

We had a lot of expectations, mostly from our fans firstly, they were the ones that understood and knew everything about us. When we released the first album “The Revenge from Bleeding Lolita,” that album from just its first week was completely sold out so fast; we hope it can happen for the second album too. As for today's recording sessions they're going amazingly well. All of us are enjoying it more than before because we're more experts on the subject.

4. Traveling across the world to share your music, where have you guys been? What are the plans on the road? Any particular destination spots you have in mind?

We’re playing some big events in Indonesia and several countries in south Asia. We would really appreciate to be able to be playing in US or England when the time comes. We’d guess that our music would be more exploding out there. But until then we have many obstacles to promote Melody Maker before heading out there maybe you can help us?

5. Where did the name Melody Maker come about?

The Melody Maker's name came from my favorite British magazines we first used the name The Vandalish from 2001 - 2004. But since 2004 we’ve stayed with being known as Melody Maker from now on. I think it’s going to be a universal name, because the name doesn’t depend on any kind of music. The name made us become free to mix all kinds of music, but most of it was Metal and Gothic definitely all the way!

6. As a band how has Melody Maker grown between “The Revenge from Bleeding Lolita and “Symphony of Hatred"?

We’ve had a lot of progress up until now. The first album was slower than the second album. The sounds on the next album will be more kick ass than before. We’re so concern about the sounds parts. Our first album was sold out in just 3 months. All of us have never been satisfied in creativity before....we're always training our self to be expert musicians all the time. Until Melody Makers can be the most popular artist in the world!

7. How did you guys get into the metal scene in the first place? What drew you towards it, and why do you still devour every minute of it?

The first time we got into the whole metal scene was in 2002. Indonesia had the biggest Metal Scene around especially Asia. Indonesia had a billion metal fans there. It made us come alive and realize that this was what we wanted to do. Since then the metal fans have always held that loyalty and always appreciated us and gave us support every time we walked onto the stage it felt so spiritual.

8. What inspires you to create this music?

Wow that’s a difficult one to explain it one by one, haha we’ve had a lot of influences but the 10 names listed below are the most influential band of us:

and many more!

9. Where do you see yourself and Melody Maker in twenty years?

To still be alive and well; having made loads of fans and friends from all around the world. The most important part would be to be able to play on stage alongside Cradle of filth or maybe Lamb of God.

10. Do you have any parting words or messages?

To face any obstacle with smile, and give the world the best music, having the world bring you the best life ever. And one other thing, don’t forget to pray to the God for what you do want out of life. That’s all Natalie sorry for any misspelled words....because of my English is bad but you already knew that, hahaha. I always wait to hear any good news from you. Cheers, Respect from Indonesia Mehdy Filth

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