Karuna Sparks Los Angeles

A snazzy night club filled with some of the high classed individuals who think they have it all expensive cars, houses, even husbands and wives but tonight that’s not the case. Tonight we pay our respects towards rock/pop/souling Diva Karuna! This set of musicians rocks the Los Angeles turf with roaring guitars and creative blast beats from the drums and rattle sensations of the bass riffs, mix it all together and you get the dazzling vocals of Karuna herself giving her upbeat popping rock and roll style. Playing a 30 minute set list consists of several tunes off their latest LP "Not 4 Sale," such as "Choose You," "Don't Doubt," "In Love," and wrapping it all up with "Scream," getting the whole crowd hyped and excited full of high strung energy for the rest of the night.

Aside from this high flying adventure of a performance their debut LP isn’t all that bad either, serving you a course a tunes ready to get your body dancing to the beat of every song played through from beginning to end. “Not 4 Sale,” takes apart a soul smooth artist mixed together with the rocking and rolling guitar soloing riffs with pop-punk bass riffs you can’t get out of your head.

Karuna has performed all around Los Angeles, taking her blend of pop/rock/soul coined "Urban Rock," to such renowned venues as Temple Bar, The Roxy, The Gig, Highlands and Little Temple, to name a few. Her highly successful “Not 4 Sale” friends and family album release party at Cinespace, sponsored by KISS FM, brought in a 1000 fans! She also recently opened for R&B act Marques Houston at UCLA. With a growing fan base and a debut album just being released, Karuna is an artist to watch out for. Karuna stirs up the whole music scene capturing all the fun and excitement in just a matter of moments so be sure not to miss a minute of this high pulsing surge of energy!

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