Llynch Interview

Hey what’s up? How are the holidays treating you? Any New Year's Resolutions?

Matthias: Not much of a holiday so far... I have to work today and tomorrow. But whatever, the last couple of days were quite relaxed and i met a lot of good friends i only see once a year, so it´s been great! New Year´s resolutions? We probably need to play more shows... : )

I read in your bio listed on your MySpace profile that your main goal was to never change and for all the band mates to find something they can identify with etc. Why did you pick this goal? Has it stuck ever since it formed?

Matthias: It actually says: the main goal is and always will be to create something memorable and meaningful that every member of the band can identify with.

It is the most essential thing why we are in this band and why spend our time figuring out how to put these tiny and strange pieces of music together. At a certain point, in a certain moment when somehow all those pieces fit together, it is a very rewarding feeling to have created something unique. It tells us something about ourselves and we just don´t want that to ever stop.

In 2002 your first EP "The Transformation of Madison," was unleashed through Scorched Earth Policy Records how did it feel to finally have something out in the open for others to give their opinions on?

Matthias: It was really like: okay, we did it. We recorded it. From now on, it doesn´t really belong to us any more, because we give it away to be judged by the outside world. Luckily some people seem to appreciate what we do, and it is a nice feeling to know that from time to time someone listens to your record and gets something out of doing that.

Did you think you would get the same reactions and musical ability skills when you switched over to AcidAyatollah Records in 2005 then ran off to Bastardized Recordings in 2008?

Matthias: To be quite frank, we never have a clue know what reactions to expect. Naturally, you hope that everyone likes what you do. That you sell tons of records and play only sold out shows.

Then again most of the time we don´t really care about what people expect. It would be really awkward to think about that while writing a song or recording an album. So you could say we are also a little bit stubborn.

Are you satisfied with your newest release "We Are Our Ghosts"?

Matthias: There are always things one would like to do differently, would there be a second attempt. On the other hand i think we really did good with this record. I am personally totally satisfied with what we have achieved.

How did the name come about both band name and CD title for "We Are Our Ghosts"?

Matthias: Yeah, the name thing. We probably should work on a F.A.Q or something.
We all love David Lynch, especially "Lost Highway“ with its dense atmosphere. We want to create something as dense as that with our music. Not with images but with sounds. Something strange, beautiful and disturbing. Then again, the name just sounded better than all the other ideas that were floating around at the time. : )

"We Are Our Ghosts“ refers to the definition of the term ghost. It reflects the idea about people vanishing just around us in our everyday lives. People that are too poor, too sick, not popular enough, too strange, too special or too humble to be noticed. There are so many things that can happen to you and make a ghost out of you in no time. We thought about that idea a lot and it fit perfectly to the songs of the record.

Future plans for Llynch?

Matthias: Right now, we just want to practice and to play as much as possible. With nearly become invisible while recording and creating this record. So this really is the only plan at hand right now. Getting in the van, that´s all.

Are you guys familiar with any of the other artists on Bastardized Recordings, Snatch Club, Six Reasons to Kill? You guys should all go out on tour sometime.

Matthias: We played one show with Six Reasons To Kill a couple years back. That was fun but it´s been a while. As for touring: that would be great! But i have to warn the other guys, we are strange people to hang out with!

What band would you say has helped you the most throughout your life?

Matthias: Probably my own band. I really love lots of other band´s records, but making music with these people in our band has helped me most when everything else was just shit.

Any other thoughts or comments you'd like to make?

Matthias: I wish everyone who reads this a great 2009. May all of you get what you hope for. "The Gun Seller“ by Hugh Laurie is just an hilarious novel. I like it very much. Oh, and buy our record please! Thank you.

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