Tokio Hotel @ Hollywood/Highland Center SCREAM Invansion

Germany has been known as the country of metal having many famous death metal, black metal, and other various styles of metal music invade and then depart into the U.S. but Germany to have a rock band in the mix? Germany indeed is known to the rock and roll styling's of known other than Tokio Hotel. Band mates Bill Kaulitz (Vocals), Tom Kaulitz (Guitar), Georg Listing (Bass) and Gustav Schafer 9Drums) combine together in creating this equine style of rock and roll. Their debut is known in Germany with their debut German releases "Schrei," and "Zimmer 483," which have sold big now its time for the U.S.'s opinion and from the sights and screams from Hollywood, California we have approved. Tokio Hotel's debut American release "Scream," has been zooming across the music charts and music videos haven't been doing that bad either, grabbing these guys a nomination at this year's MTV's VMA Awards show. The reaction set in Hollywood was purely amazement. The burning sun shinning high above, sending the aroma of sweat into the mists while the contentious heat patted our beats and body drenching our bodies to the bone as fans eagerly awaited for the band's arrival and free performance. DJ JoJo from KIISFm radio erupted the stage counting down the minutes until the band hit the stage, meanwhile picking ten lucky random chosen fans from the audience to be special guests for Tokio Hotel's special Jimmy Kimmel Live television debut. Two minutes can be engraved upon our skulls and minds as the fans cheered unable to control their insanity raging from within. As soon as 3PM stuck the clock fans exploded with excitement eagerly waving their home made posters shouting at the top of their lungs until their vocal chords couldn't withstand the pain. Tokio Hotel had entered Hollywood and walked upon the stage breaking into their mini concert with hits "Ready, Set, Go!" "Don't Jump," and "Monsoon," got their fans hyper and energized for the rest of the afternoon. Following the burning heat from the sun's harmful rays, the band was held up in the Hollywood Hot Topic waiting eagerly to sign autographs to all their loyal and beloved fans who had waited since 10AM that same morning just to grab a glimpse. I of course grabbed a chance and took some killer shots of their performance and in-store signing session overall the atmosphere of the Hollywood lifestyle never changing a beat.

Set list:
Don't Jump

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