HARLOW @ Roxy 9-16-08

HARLOW's Roxy performance was unbelievable from groovy dancers to cheerleaders, the band themselves were dancing on their toes. The crowd was excited and joyful at the sight and sounds of HARLOW's presents. The band performed 30-minute set throwing out some their most rocking and rolling hits, from "Unstoppable," "Let the Fun Begin," "Tear Don't The Walls," to Led Zeppelin's cover tune "Stairway to Heaven." Vocalist Ricky Harlow, Mike Mansfield (Drums), Johan Crawford (Guitar), Marc Hayworth (Bass) and Lee Vivian (Keyboards) bring this rock and roll sensation to life. Slit dancers and flexers twisted and turned their ways all over the stage, making their stage presents known as the crowd cheered on wanting more. During the ending of their performance cheerleaders erupted the stage doing the basic cheerleader stance hopping and jumping to the fun out going stylings of HARLOW. Their debut record "Unstoppable," is out making its record debut drawing more fans as each day progresses, fans of Bowie and Queen will devour these rocks and will get a spectacular rock show just like the good ol' days. So go run out and check for a performance near you!

Set List:

Step One
Let the Fun Begin
Crap Song
Tear Down the Walls
Once More Fall
Stairway To Heaven
True Love

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