National Product Interview

1. Introduce yourself and what you do in National Product, and when and how long has the band been together?

My name is Danny I sing in the band National Product and we all grew up together in Hawaii playing music and stuff and then went off to college and came back in 04 we moved out to California and started touring and ended up getting signed and releasing a record.

2. What were the band's reactions when your keyboardist Dan Niles left the band? Why did he make this choice?

Ya know Dan came in after that guy, he wasn't apart of the song writing and didn't play anything on the record, he didn't even perform on the record, so Dan has always been a friend of the band, and we wanted to try a piano and keyboardist player live, and we as a band just felt like we didn’t really need him. So he left and got to live his dream of wanting to be a graphic designer and got to be home and a lead a normal life with his girlfriend and be a graphic designer while we got to play music and do that thing.

3. Are we going to be seeing a new album anytime soon?

Ya know I think so, we've been talking about it, when we recorded Luna, and we had enough music for 2 albums and had a EP which was recorded before Luna, and we didn't release it because we wanted to release a full record instead. We're thinking of re-releasing Luna with new artwork, DVD and new songs and everything. And then going in and recording a full length so kids have something to listen too.

4. What's this tour been like with 1997?

We've been going up against bigger acts such as Trapt and Finch and Scary Kids, and We've been battling kids to come to our show, we've had a few sold out shows Bakersfield, and today we're playing Los Angeles and Orange County and those have been jammed packed full of kids. And 1997 are a bunch of awesome people.

5. Is there any story or concept behind your CD title "Luna"?

The whole concept behind Luna was basically the story of the record is the story of our lives but has a much deeper router meaning and how the moon goes through its stages and goes through a sliver of life and beaming brightly and then what we go through our highest stages of our lives while we're beaming bright. We have our moments and have a shiver our lives and a moment of what we all go through whether its battling death ot our own personal lives is what Luna is all about.

6. Who did the artwork on the new CD and how much input did you have on it?

Uhmm Dan Niles did the actually artwork but the whole concept was by the band, so National Product was responsible for the concept but all artwork was done by Dan Niles.

7. What are your future plans for National Product?

Right now been on the road for 8 months straight we’ve been to Mexico to Hawaii to Alaska we're finally home and get to sleep in our own beds and take a much needed break and kind of regain a sense of living at home and enjoying our dogs, friends, family, and putting out more music for you guys.

8. What do you think of this year's presidential election? Do you like any of the candidates?

Umm yeah I would really like to see Obama win, that’s my feeling on that.

9. Have you guys ever done a mosh pit at any of your gigs? Or is your music not meant for those events.

No we've actually had a lot of people it just depends on the environment where we’re playing. We’ve had it all. We've had mosh pits to kids just rocking out. Do you think we might see some moshing at the Knitting Factory? I hope so you never know, you’ll definitely see it at the Chain Reaction.

10. What is the music scene like from where you're from?

In Hawaii its awesome it’s very open and wide range and keeps it really fresh and interesting.

11. Would National Product ever go on tour with a metal band/are there any metal acts out there that you enjoy listening too?

National Product would go out on tour with any band, we just love music and we’re down to tour with any band really.

12. How was the gig on Valentine's Day at the Knitting Factory? I was at that gig by the way....

Oh cool I had a lot of fun at that show honestly, and that was another day where we just got home and just couldn't wait to be home.

13. Would you guys ever consider performing on ABC TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Oh we'd love to be on Jimmy Kimmel, I love that guy's show!

14. Any other thoughts or comments?

Uh naw that’s it I really appreciate you doing the interview and if you make it out tonight definitely say "Hi".

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