Killing The Dream Interview

An interview with Elijah Horner:

Could you tell us more about the history of the band, how things started.

Isaac and Joel met at a Tupperware party! Seriously! They wanted to start a band that was melodic, sincere, and fronted by a handsome and talented young man. They ended up with me and got two out of three.

What's your opinion on your EP's and first album nowadays? Are you still satisfied with the songs on them, the production, and the artwork?

Definitely! Of course I think that our newest record is the best, but there isn't a single song that we've written that I'm not proud of. Obviously there are songs that I feel could have come out better, but there's nothing I'm embarrassed to have my name attached to. It's cool to look back and see where everything was at when we recorded those songs, both as a band, and personally through the lyrics/vocals.

You've recently released your new killer album "Fractures", where did you record it, who produced it? Can you tell us more about the recording process? How are the reactions on this one so far?

Recording was great. We hooked up with my good friend/big bro Ross Swanes and J. Robbins and the jams started flowing like wine. I couldn't be happier with how things turned out, J. was amazing to work with, he is a wonderful person as well as an extremely talented producer. Reactions to the songs have been good so far. Obviously, some songs do better than others, but I think the record has been well received to this point. We're excited to keep playing the new songs and hopefully more people will continue to hear it.

Who writes the lyrics, what are they about? Is there any concept in them? Are the lyrics an important aspect of the band or are they just there to guide the music?

I write the lyrics. There's no real "concept" to them, there's not like crazy underlying themes about the apocalypse and impending world wars or anything like that. They are mostly just about things I've felt or things I've gone through. I think we all value lyrics very highly in the music we listen to, and it's important to the band that they are well done, but we don't sit down and have meetings about what they'd like me to write songs about.

How did you get in contact with Deathwish Inc.? For how many albums have you signed to them? Are you satisfied with their work? Why did you signed with them?

We made Deathwish Inc. sign us for 234242 records. They only wanted to do 2, but we love them so much that we wanted to make sure they would be stuck with us, even if they didn't like us anymore. The jury's still out on that one. Seriously, Deathwish Inc. has always been nothing but amazing to us. We couldn't be happier on another label, unless maybe Vanessa Simmons owned one, and that's only because she is so beautiful.

When it comes down to writing a new song or an album whats the process like? Like is it alright here! And you go and quickly write it down or it comes to you when it does?

Someone will come up with a riff and then will play it for everyone else, and they'll all tinker with it. DJ will have a bunch of ideas that everyone hates, and then I'll suggest a part for a freestyle rap, and they'll make fun of me, so I act like I was joking but really I wasn't at all... that pretty much sums it up.

Have you played live a lot? What tours have you done in the past? What tours are going to take place or are there plans for a tour as a support for a "bigger" band?

I don't know what your definition of "big" or "a lot" is, but we've done ok. We tour when we can and have been able to do some really cool tours. We've been actively trying for years now to go on tour with Motörhead, but they never return our calls.

Tell some of your experiences playing live.

Fireworks, babez, rock, pizza, missed notes, not finished lines... that sort of stuff.

What are your expectations for Killing The Dream in the future?

Continued rock and roll dominance, obviously! And pizza, lots of pizza.

What's your opinion on the whole music industry scene right now? Like do you think they're trying their hardest to get albums out on shelves and not seek their way onto the net?

I don't know, I think every band who starts playing is trying to succeed. I honestly don't know if most bands care whether kids are getting their records or just downloading them off MySpace or something as long as it gets out to them. It would be great if kids still actually bought records/cds these days, but I don't think that's necessarily the case.

What do you know and think of Romania?

Nadia Comaneci and Transylvania... that's about it for me and Romania.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview, any thoughts or comments?

Thank YOU for the interview! Check out "Fractures", in stores everywhere and on iTunes!

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