London After Midnight @ Knitting Factory - 9-5-08

The summery cold air hitting against my face as I walked along the stone steps of Hollywood Blvd. was aligned with handful of people dressed all in black ranging from fishnets to short skimpy dresses to black leather tights to crazy hair styles and full on white make up. What were all these people waiting for? Only one event that evening at the Knitting Factory, which was a performance by London After Midnight. Forming in the 1990's and reigning terror from the heart of Los Angeles, California, these gothic rockers have toured all around the globe playing in front of 30,000 people and touring with such acts HIM, The Cure, Green Day, and many others. Tonight's performance was unlike any other since it was their hometown gig they decided to make it extra special. The opening act Lore erupted the stage in their gothic manner playing their very first performance ever and grabbing the audiences attention in an instant. The scene and atmosphere of the venue filled with smoke and the scent of weed and fresh boos and drunks auguring with one another about who knows what. As Lore finished their set the crowd cheered with excitement as the band walked off the stage and the set up began for the headliners. London After Midnight invaded the venue around 11PM performing an hour and a half set list of classic tunes to new tunes off their new album "Violent Acts Of Beauty." Performing such hits as "Love You to Death," Sacrifice," Shattered," "Pure," "Your Best Nightmare," and "The Bondage," just to name a few. One exciting occurrence during their set was when they broke into "American a Fucking Disease," when a ton of red,white, and blue balloons, cunfitty and streamers filled the air. After a roaring set list the band walked off the stage and greeted and talked to their fans I manged to get a picture with the guitarist and drummer, overall it was an interesting night for all.

Click Test
Violet Acts Music Video
Your Best Nightmare
Feeling Fascist?
Nothing's Sacred
Where Good Girls Die
Heaven Now
Beginning of the End
Spider and the Fly
The Bondage Song
This Paradise
Kids Are All Wrong
Love You to Death

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