Brother Von Doom Interview

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Brother Von Doom, and how long the band has been going?

Hey this is Matt. I'm the drummer. We have been going about 2 and half years now.

2. How does it feel to have "Relentless," finally out?

Feels great after all the hard work put into it to have it coming out Oct 14th. Anticipating hitting the road harder than ever!

3. Who did the artwork on the new CD and how much input did you have on it?

The almighty Dennis Sibeijn @ Monument Studios. We kinda had an idea of an dark epic feel. Then he did the rest and blew us all way. Better then we imagined it would be!

4. Is MySpace the great Satan of the 21st Century?

MySpace helps bands in a great way. On the other hand it's a free singles website, so yes it's Satan.

5. How does it feel to be apart of the Thrash and Burn Tour?

It was great to play with bands we look up to. Had an excellent time and made new friends.

6. Is there any concept or story beind the band's name?

Yes, just think Castlevania and Conan the Barbarian when you check us out.

7. How did you guys get involved with Deathcote Records?

Carter from Deathcote came and hung out with us and basically offered more of a personal committment to the future of the band than anyone else we spoke with. We could not be happier with their dedication to the band!!!

8. What are your future plans for Brother Von Doom?

Heavier, faster albums with more emotion and relentless touring.

9. What are your impressions of the upcoming Presidential election?

Vote NO!

10. What do you think about the death metal and thrash metal music scene going on right now?

There is a HUGE misinterpritation with death and thrash metal today. First and foremost straight billed hats and furlined coats says a lot to me. It has no place in metal. This shit is a way of life, not a passing trend or fad.

11. What's your favorite state/town/venue to play at that really gets the crowd hyped and excited?

St. Louis was really cool for us. The kids there knew what they wanted to hear and really made us feel at home for being a newer band.

12. Currently all over the news is the out-raging gas prices, what are your thoughts on that issue?


13. How did your summer go? Do anything fun or crazy?

We raged all summer. Met a lot of new people, saw a ton of the country, and raced go-carts.

14. Are there any future idea of what you plan to do once the Thrash and Burn Tour is through?

Play shows as much as we can and hopefully get to hit up Europe and Japan here in the near future.

15. Lastly any other thoughts or comments you'd like to make?

Thanks for your loving support!

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