Skumlove May Not Have Brought the Crowd But Still Made the Show Fun and Totally Rock!


Sunday, Funday is the day that a rock show would happen at the famous Whisky A Go Go venue in Hollywood, California! On of all days Pride Day weekend, during the West Hollywood Pride Parade, with the Pride’s events happening in and around LA County. With that said though, Post dark rockers Skumlove, whom has been around for close to 30 years, decided to come back and do another show at the Whisky A Go Go. Having seen  them prior at the start of this year out in OC, their previous performance was semi-alright. But tonight’s would take that back and be slightly entertaining…..

Doors would open at 6PM, with the first couple of bands getting the crowd-less with some people present, into the evening that was barely starting. The band following these very openers being one called Firing All Cylinders, who ended up replacing another band that was suppose to play but did not called Uncompliant. Did Firing All Cylinders do justice on the stage, indeed they did, everyone there got into the hard rock heaviness that was brought forth. Their set consisting of black light t-shirts, lighting effects that made it all glow up, with the music being hard yet heavy duty, blending in modernized rock with thrashy elements as well. They kept the vibe and energy intact, with entertainment in full force, giving it their all from start to finish. Their styling being very welcoming and totally fun. Having even getting the chance to meet the guys after their set brought a total smile to my face. That’s how much delivery these guys tossed out, so much offering that even the crowd wanted more songs, some shouting “We want 5 more songs”, when the band only had 2 songs left in their set, but it was recognized with passion and admiration that all upheld.




Following these guys would be Dan Kincaid, whose time spent in Boston, Massachusetts, but moved down to Los Angeles, California, would create him to pursue music, fronting several bands, even playing bass to another band, but he would be a solo artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, with a love of things that totally rock! He would play, alternative, hard rock, think Depeche Mode, mixed in with the modern day, him having his solo album debut "Persona Non Grata", out, he performed tracks off this release, and would give tonight's performance a rather comforting tone. It made the crowd embrace his presents, as he would ask the audience to come closer, rising his arms out wide, or his fist high in the air, to other moments taking in the music for what it was. Giving out those eternal emotions and demons, allowing that power within to go beyond everything, enjoying the live music for what it was music. His performance was captivating and interesting, he got interest at least, his music joyful.




 Closing out the evening would be Skumlove, and they would go on to play for an hour straight, bringing out flags, handing out the microphone, to get the crowd to sing along, to adding fog effects that kept it smokey yet fun. It was a very enlightening yet fun time, they got the energy upbeat, with the frontman singer himself Skum, giving it his all, with expressive emotions, singing directly at you at times, to just taking it all in, the performance was worth checking out. Whilst it may have not been a sold out show, for a Sunday night, it was an evening that was very interactive and intimate with such a small crowd, it made it that more memorable. The end of the band’s set, had the band ask some of the crowd, to join them up on stage, singing along, with the rest singing within the crowd, and the whole band just giving it their all really. Skumlove is one of those band’s, that may have been around for sometime now, but they can still deliver, in what they do best, musically, making everyone there tonight have a fun but good time through and through. It was a night, to not be forgotten about but remembered…..


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