Beyond Unbroken Brings Out The "Monster" Within


Narrating the tale of a relentless stalker the new Beyond Unbroken song "Monster" draws inspiration from the TV show YOU. Blending menacing guitar riffs with hauntingly powerful vocals, "Monster"  features a compelling mix of sharp, aggressive melodies and eerie industrial soundscapes. This potent sonic blend not only captures the essence of a hunter on the prowl but pushes a thrilling soundscape. Inducing a spine-chilling sensation, making one question their solitude in moments they thought they were alone the song encapsulates the eerie essence of covert surveillance. Striving for a departure from their usual style, Beyond Unbroken aimed to craft a track that ignites movement and captivates audiences.

The evolution of "Monster" involved experimenting with multiple versions, each exploring different genres and moods. Through a meticulous fusion of preferred elements, the final composition emerged, delivering the remarkable auditory experience it embodies today. "Monster" is a track different from what you are normally used to hearing from most typical songs out there," explains Beyond Unbroken. "I can guarantee that every listener that loves to explore and discover new music will pick up on something extraordinary in this track right away."

In a world of boundaries Beyond Unbroken refuses to be defined by one genre. Founded by former Escape The Fate members, brothers Monte and Michael Money, the band habitually crosses the lines, mixing genres the way an artist mixes paint with results that often defy expectation. 

Check out the new single HERE.

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