Necrot Brings the Lifeless Birth Tour to First Street with Crowd Surfers, Moshing and Stage Divers, Oh My!


Californians Necrot had formed in 2011, combining the likes of Luca Indrio on bass/vocals, Chad Galey on drums, with Sonny Reinhardt on guitar. The trio would round out the formation, having them go on to release several pieces of work, including most recent “Lifeless Birth”, which lead to them going out on the road twice within 2024. First time was opening for Municipal Waste early spring time, with the second time appearance being their own headlining run titled simply the “Lifeless Birth Tour 2024”, bringing with them thrash punks Bat, and Street Tombs.

Hitting the road at the start of June, early summer time was slowly seeping inwards, and this tour would stop on a third date to Los Angeles, California at the First Street Billiards location, having it get quite filled out but don’t think it ended up selling out completely. Arriving close to 7:30PM, is when the doors would open, and a line had already been forming. Little by little everyone would be admitted inside, after entering you were greeted with the bar, then pool tables aligned the venue, which had the stage at the front, with an outdoor patio with food, merch, and bathrooms. Other merch was set-up inside, with people filing in, grabbing drinks, chatting, and browsing around.

Around 8:30PM would be a local opener, and then at 9:30PM is when Street Tombs would arrive, playing for around thirty minutes or so. But they brought the excitement and energy flawlessly. The crowd slowly getting bigger, would keep that angst upwards, getting cheers, chants, and movement throughout their set. The music being intense but good old thrashing death punk out of New Mexico! They had a fun set, that had all there to witness have a good old time, surely wanting some more.


Next up would be thrash punks Bat, whose formation came out of Municipal Waste’s bassist/vocalist Ryan Waste, who would grab onto drummer Felix Griffin with guitarist Nick Poulos, to go on to release two full-length album’s among other releases, since coming together back in 2013. These heavy metal, speed metal demons, would take these genres, as well as that thrashy punk working’s to create something unique. The crowd would totally get into the fast paced drifts, with heart racing energies it was uncontrollable. The mosh pit action was over hyped, giving off such a force, it was non-stop fun! They are surely an act to follow, and one to not miss out on seeing live at least once.


Lastly would be headliners of the night Necrot, whose previous performance back in the spring, would be seen by me, and taken with enjoyment. But tonight’s headliner would see the band yet again, delivering a performance in a more smaller setting. They hit the stage around 11:30PMish, playing for an hour til 12:30AM. But that next hour would be unforgettable, for the crowd would go insane. Mosh pit action, happening every so often, no one was able to stand still at times. With other moments capturing the crowd literally, as they were crowd surfing and stage diving off the tiny stage. It made for that much more fun.



Lots of momentum, energy, and such adrenaline was captured it was endless. Even after the band had said they were done for the night, they were not, as they did an encore for those who remained, and that last round truly delivered. Necrot is one of those bands, whose presents is breath taking, and exhausting to experience. Such fierce good times, that everyone walked away tired, sweaty, yet felt relieved with such an easy going performance, that it felt good to let it all out!


1. Cut The Cord
2. Lifeless Birth
3. Superior
4. Stench of Decay
5. The Blade
6. Your Hell
7. Drill The Skull
8. Winds Of Hell
9. Dead Memories
10. Sinister Will

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