Lamb of God Release "Ashes of the Wake (20th Anniversary Edition)" on Aug. 30; Hear New Version of "Another Nail For Your Coffin" Now


Lamb of God’s groundbreaking album, Ashes of the Wake, turns 20 this August, and to commemorate the pivotal release, an expanded 20th Anniversary deluxe edition featuring new mixes by HEALTH, Justin K Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu), and Kublai Khan TX and Malevolence, as well as demo and live versions of the album’s classic songs, arrives on Aug. 30 via Epic Records and Legacy Recordings.

A preview of Ashes of the Wake (20th Anniversary Edition), is available now with “Another Nail For Your Coffin (Feat. Kublai Khan TX & Malevolence)”:

“I’m excited to see ‘Another Nail For Your Coffin’ get reborn! This has always been a really cool, unique song in the Lamb of God catalog but it’s been overlooked since it was a bonus track,” Mark Morton says of the song that was originally a bonus track available exclusively on the Japanese version of Ashes of the Wake, which was followed by a worldwide release on the 15th Anniversary edition of the album. “Matt and Alex both absolutely spit flames on this new, updated version, and gave it a ferocious modern energy. I’m glad to see this tune get some shine after all this time!”

Randy Blythe adds: “I’m not much for re-recording our existing material – old songs are a snapshot of where we were as a band at that time, for better or worse. But when the idea came up to have a guest vocalist re-do my parts on ‘Another Nail For Your Coffin,’ I was all for it, especially if we could get two younger heavy hitters to bring a fresh approach to the song. Anyone who has seen Malevolence and Kublai Khan TX know that Alex and Matt crush it – it’s an honor to have these dudes bring new life to the tune 20 years after we first recorded it.

Originally released in 2004, Ashes of the Wake is viewed as a cornerstone of modern metal, and features beloved songs such as “Laid to Rest,” “Now You’ve Got Something to Die for,” “Omerta,” and the blistering title track. Revolver said of the Gold-certified album: “It’s hard to imagine where the metal community would be without Ashes of the Wake,” Metal Hammer declared it “the dawn of a new era of metal,” and Decibel said the 11-song collection lead a “new wave of American heavy metal straight into the charts… with absolutely no compromises along the way.”

Lamb of God’s webstore ( features a trio of exclusive items marking the 20th anniversary: Yellow Smoke 2LP vinyl, a 2CD set, and a commemorative Ashes of the Wake t-shirt. Two additional vinyl variants, a standard black and a Project M exclusive white/black/red swirl offering, as well as 2CD, and digital, are also available now for preorder/pre-saves at All formats include the trio of new remixes and live recordings of “Remorse Is for the Dead” and “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For,” while the 2CD and digital versions include demo versions of “Laid to Rest,” “Ashes of the Wake,” and “Remorse Is for the Dead.”

 Ashes of the Wake (20th Anniversary Edition) TRACKLISTING:

1.    Laid to Rest

2.    Hourglass

3.    Now You’ve Got Something to Die For

4.    The Faded Line

5.    Omerta

6.    Blood Of The Scribe

7.    One Gun

8.    Break You

9.    What I’ve Become

10. Ashes of the Wake

11. Remorse Is for the Dead

12. Laid to Rest (Pre-Production Demo) *

13. Ashes of the Wake (Pre-Production Demo) *

14. Remorse Is for the Dead (Pre-Production Demo) *

15. Another Nail For Your Coffin (Feat. Kublai Khan TX & Malevolence)

16. Laid to Rest (HEALTH Remix)

17. Omertá (Justin K Broadrick Remix)

18. Remorse Is for the Dead (Live in Richmond, VA)

19. Now You’ve Got Something To Die For (Live from 2007)

*-Exclusive to 2CD & Digital

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