Power Trip Comes Back from the Grave to Bring Life to California with Sold Our Weekend of Shows!


Texan thrashers Power Trip got their start back in 2008, come years later, they would release a couple of full-length albums, compilation and live album. Touring and playing shows of course, but come 2020 some tragic news would strike. Frontman vocalist Riley Gale, would pass away in summer 2020, at the age of 34, the following year it was said that his cause of death was due to an overdose. Power Trip was set to go on tour, but due to the pandemic, and the passing of Riley neither would take place.

Three years later, the remaining but surviving members of the band would go on to do a secret but surprise show in Texas, with Fugitive's Seth Gilmore on lead vocals. The next year the band had announced more shows would commence, which include an appearance at the No Values Festival, as well as some headlining shows one in Pomona and one in Los Angeles, California, the same weekend in early June summertime.

This would be that weekend, and the three back to back shows, would be one's that the band would say at the Los Angeles night, to be some of their best shows. Los Angeles' show would take place down in Hollywood at The Fonda Theater, to a sold out crowd, some arriving later in the evening. With others being present early on, they would enter the venue after doors had opened around 7:30PM. Being among them, is when I had arrived, grabbing some merchandise, then headed upstairs to the balcony area, where seats and standing were available.

Opening act would be Mortal Wound, playing about 8:30 for the next thirty minutes, they would provide death metal with a mixed edge, vocalization being very different. The tone of vocals would be death metal, with the band being in that vain, being heavy yet fulfilling to say the least. They were entertaining, with the crowd being into them truly.


Next up would be Soul Search, whose performance brought the hardcore punk tone to the floor, with all there getting into the "hardcore dancing" aspect, with all there dancing about. The crowd seemed to really be into these guys, having them be locals as well. Everyone was cheering and just getting into what was being offered upon that stage during this band's set. Hardcore punks to the core, is how Soul Search delivered their abilities musically.


Lastly would be headliners Power Trip now by the time they were set to go on, the whole crowd was packed in both on the floor and upstairs. A little close to 10:30PM is when they would hit the stage, performing for a good hour or so. Performing a number of tracks like “Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)”, “Divine Apprehension”, “Crossbreaker”, and “The Hammer of Doubt”. Are just some out of the 13 song setlist, sung this fine evening. The whole room moving their feet, mosh pit going crazily, with crowd surfers being lifted upwards, down to others just banging their heads. Everyone downstairs and upstairs were into these guys comeback and it showed a lot! 



Frontman vocal duties from Seth Gilmore were truly impressive. With the rest of the band doing their thing, but giving it their true all. Whilst some may not agree with this arrangement of a comeback, due to the tragedy that had happened, it seems that those may have come around to it, accepting this new twist of faith provided here. The band approves, the fans appease it as well, so perhaps Power Trip is back for good, with much else in-store.


1. Soul Sacrifice
2. Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)
3. Firing Squad
4. Hornet’s Nest
5. Nightmare Logic
6. Crucifixation
7. Divine Apprehension
8. Suffer No Fool
9. Drown (Intro)
10. Heretic’s Fork
11. Crossbreaker
12. Manifest Decimation
13. The Hammer of Doubt

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