Finnish Black Metal Legion ONDFØDT Releases Music Video For New Single "Faensgyte"!


April 5th 2024 will see the release of "Oldfodt", the brand new EP by Finnish black metal legion Ondfødt.

Today the band is revealing a new video for the track Faensgyte. After a decade of existence and armed with our new formidable lineup, Ondfodt embarked on a mission to breathe new life into the classics that defined our early years.  This endeavor culminated in the creation of an EP featuring reimagined renditions of our most potent  tracks from the inaugural and sophomore albums.

Reflecting on the band's nascent period, it becomes evident that our music was steeped in a fervent,
rebellious spirit—both lyrically and musically. With an eye on contemporaneity, Ondfodt sought to
infuse these re-recordings with a modernized sound, characterized by heightened aggression
and a distinctly Ondfodt flair, surpassing the intensity of the original compositions.

Throughout 2023, the band dedicated itself to the meticulous crafting of this EP, investing significant
time to sculpt the music into a manifestation of the direction in which Ondfodt is evolving.
The result is a sonic experience that is not only more explosive and powerful but also retains
the clarity that defines our signature sound. This project represents a testament to our
commitment to musical evolution and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Check out the video HERE.

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