Alaina Pamela Unveils Captivating Music Video for “Feel You Here”

Alaina Pamela, a rising singer and producer of French-Canadian and West Indian heritage, has released the music video for her single, "Feel You Here." The song, co-written by Alaina Pamela and her
husband, Michael Kim-Sheng, is a captivating exploration of the emotions that follow the end of a relationship. The music video is a story about a break-up, where Alaina is coming to terms with the loss of someone and the ghostly feeling that follows. While they are gone, she continues to feel the presence, reminiscing about the good times.

However, in the present, she finds herself encapsulated in a cold and digital atmosphere. "Feel You Here" was the third song ever written by the duo, originating during the Halloween season with Alaina playing Halloween songs for her husband, who was inspired to create the beat for the track. Written directly after their first break-up song, "Can't Be Your Friend," Alaina and Michael crafted a song that captures the essence of feeling alone after a relationship. The music video, directed by Kay Zhang, features
cinematography by Eris Zhao and stars actor Cristian Acevedo. "Feel You Here" is a collaborative effort by the husband-and-wife team, with Michael Kim-Sheng bringing his classical composition background into the mix. The resulting sound combines Alaina's raw talent and unique cultural influences with Michael's rich musical knowledge. As an indie artist, Alaina's debut EP, Depth of My Heart, has
collectively garnered nearly 400,000 streams on Spotify. "Feel You Here” was originally part of that EP, which delves into the complex cycle of love, drawing inspiration from Alaina's personal experiences and showcasing her unique blend of musical influences. The EP kicks off with a mesmerizing mix of French and English, setting the stage with the words, "this is a story about a girl in love with love." The
cover art vividly reflects the album's concept, with Alaina standing in front of a blazing fire symbolizing passion and intensity.

Alaina Pamela's journey to success is nothing short of extraordinary. Hailing from a small country town in Quebec, she embarked on a courageous move to Montreal, fueled by years of savings and an unwavering passion for music. The path was fraught with challenges, from the uncertainties of job hunting to financial struggles. Fate intervened when Alaina, in her pursuit of meeting new people, matched with a music composer on Tinder. A bowling and karaoke date featuring Alaina's rendition of "Thriller" marked
the beginning of a significant chapter. Making their relationship official during a trip to NYC, the couple faced the hardships of the pandemic, losing their jobs in the food industry. With resilience as their guiding force, they made the crucial decision to relocate to California, seeking familial support for survival. Alaina reflects on the initial struggles of adjusting to America, feeling like she was back at square one. However, love prevailed as Alaina and Michael got married, and Alaina ventured into unpaid acting jobs while working part time for her mother-in-law. A turning point came when her mother-in-law recognized Alaina's vocal talent, coinciding with her husband completing his classical album. United in their support, they navigated vocal trainings, recording sessions, and live performances. Alaina's journey, marked by beauty and challenges, has instilled in her a profound sense of purpose and love for her craft. Her
story embodies perseverance, dedication, and the pursuit of a true passion. Alaina's unique sound, characterized as "pop mystique," draws inspiration from musical luminaries like Celine Dion, Stromae, and Lata Mangeshkar. Despite the steep battle, Alaina Pamela continues to evolve as an artist, channeling her energy into something she genuinely loves.

Check out the video right HERE.

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