AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE Drops Ripping Fourth Single, "Judgment Day", Featuring Ricky Hoover of Ov Sulfur


AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE racks up their fourth and final single from 'Quad Brutal', entitled "Judgment Day". Ricky Hoover of deathcore unit Ov Sulfur lends his vocal attack to unrelenting ripper - one of the new album’s most spine-tingling, breakneck tracks with an unforgettable chorus and a punishing closer of unmatched brutality.

Tim Lambesis says about "Judgment Day" and its video:


The over-the-top visual theme behind the 'Judgment Day' video represents our promise to keep marching forward and persist in having a good time no matter what happens until the final moments of Judgment Day make that impossible. Until then, don't be too serious, and find a way to keep going! I've found a community of good friends that make it easier to stay on my feet - I wouldn't have made 'Quad Brutal' without my bandmates reminding me that I don't need to create AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE songs alone like I've done with many songs before this album."

Watch the New Music Video for “Judgement Day” HERE

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